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Haha whoops it's a weird fetish page~

I like cute girls who like to fart and pastel colors. Feel free to show this page to your friends and laugh because I also find fetishes fucking hilarious. Humans are great.



Updates will be infrequent because I spend most of my time animating for my job and drawing for clients. If I took commissions people would just be waiting around forever, so I won't, at least not right now. You are free to make requests if you like, but for the same reasons I wouldn't get your hopes up too much!

Fetishes I'm Interested In:
- Farting
- Softcore scat
- Messing
- Yuri
- Diaper (Not ABDL, just the messing aspect)

Fetishes I am NOT interestested in:
- Vore
- Inflation

So don't expect any of that on here.

Please do not send me notes or PMs that just say "Hi!" or "Hello..." If you want to talk to me, just start talking.


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WARNING: This story contains copious amounts of FART FETISH material (and a bit of SCAT). If any of that bothers you then this story probably isn't for you. For those who are into farting, but not scat, I will mark the part of the story where scat begins with a "//" so you can read up until that point.

 < -- Read the Previous Story Here

        This world was a world of magic, and for talented young witches and wizards there was no better place to hone one's magical skill than in Aevingrove, a small coven of witches hidden away deep in the Aevinwood Forest. Here the magically gifted came from far and wide to hone their craft in the ancient, wooden halls of the best arcane academy in the land. Between the hundreds of  instructors, young students, and those living in the nearby village, there were thousands of stories to be told. This is just one of the small moments in the lives of the Witches of Aevingrove.


        "C'mon... c'moooon..." Nellie squinted, focusing as hard as she could on the perfectly round, red cherry floating two inches in front of her face. It dangled magically in the air just above a dollop of frosting adorning a cupcake. The last in the pan. The others were already finished, seven perfect red velvet cupcakes with handmade swirls of buttercream frosting on top and cherries placed so nicely that the whole thing looked straight out of a magazine. She couldn't fail now! Never before had such a daring set of baked goods been attempted! Eight perfect cupcakes in one go!? Why, it was simply hubris to even try! Any sane person would've called it quits at four, or at most six! But no... Nellie was no sane person... she was insane. Insanely good at being a chef!!!

        With a surgical precision she began lowering the final cherry. Beads of sweat trickled down her brow. It descended into the frosting like a space rover landing on an undiscovered planet. She held her breath, straightened her back, and slinked alongside the kitchen counter, monitoring the landing. Nothing wrong here... nothing wrong there... The frosting was all even!

        "Yes!" She cried, leaping into the air, "It's perfect! She's gonna love these!"


        As she jumped into the air, a huge fart rocketed out of Nellie's ass, slamming against the fridge and spreading across one side of the room in a cloud.

        "Oh no! None of that!" She cried, quickly grabbing the pan of cupcakes before her fart could taint them. She danced her way out of the kitchen as though it were on fire and into the storefront of her bakery. Nellie tensed her legs as she delicately arranged the cupcakes in a nice circle on a lazy susan on the counter. She clamped the airtight glass dome back on top and tightened it, ensuring the cupcakes would stay fresh and protected from her own gas.

        She let out a sigh. Dang, that was close though, she thought, I can't lose my hold so easily. I guess I just got excited. No more getting excited! She puffed out her cheeks in silent determination behind the counter of her empty store for a few seconds and looked like an idiot.

        "...Hm. I guess I should see how bad it is today," Nellie said, walking back to the kitchen. The moment she walked through the swinging door her finely tuned baker's nose could pick up on her scent. It wasn't too bad, but it was there. Her farts were earthen and sweet, like a stable or a compost pile with berries in it. She walked over to the fridge where she had let her fart go and sniffed curiously like a dog to check if it was stronger there. It wasn't, and some part of her was weirdly disappointed by that.

        She caught a glimpse of her reflection fridge's metal door. Nellie was very tall with a head of long, bouncy pink hair. She wore a big fluffy pink apron with symbols of an eye, a heart, and then a cupcake on it. ("I <3 cupcakes!" It was her favorite.) Underneath the apron was a striped white and green top with matching leggings and a poofy dress. She looked around the kitchen.

        It was a warm, intimate little space with cream-colored appliances and a large number of motivational posters Nellie had hung up herself shouting corny messages along the lines of a cartoon cake crying "Piece of Cake! and a picture of a smiling souffle next to the words "Rise to the Occasion!". Nellie worked as a magical patisserie in town and spent most of her time running her small bakery. Sometimes when money was tight she taught enchanting classes here for the nearby university. Her specialty was baking, but enchanting something simple like a muffin was usually pretty easy and made a decent introduction to enchantment's fundamentals for new students.

        Nellie did a slow pivot on the balls of her feet, surveying the room like a pirate in a crow's nest. Every countertop was clean. Every surface was empty. The store was closed. She was totally alone.

        "Hm! This should be fine!"

        Then Nellie relaxed against the window, stuck out her butt and began farting nonstop. bbRAAAP! brRaaAAAP! FRRRRRAAP! A train of huge blasting farts paraded out of her like the trombone section of a marching band. "Finally!" she smiled, ripping a long one through a well-worn pair of tight white panties with frilly pink lining. A heavy earthen stink wafted through the room and Nellie sighed contentedly. Her stomach gurgled a bit and her grin widened. As her next tremendous fart ripped from her ass (a whopping 8-seconds) she slowly put her oven mitts under the rim of her dress and lifted it up, letting her gas explode freely, slightly ruffling the back of her skirt. She loosed her cheeks and farted even louder before slumping down onto the floor, inhaling her own gas with a big sniff.

Aevin 2d by PepperspotSunshine


        This one was really smelly. It was deep and natural like a stable. She loved it! Someone once told her that everybody likes their own scent. She burst out in a big belly laugh and lowered herself all the way onto the floor like she was going to make a linoleum snow angel. Nellie took a big breath all at once to recover from the laugh and got a mouthful of her own stink.

        "Phew! Ooh, that's REAL bad, haha! Glad none of that hit the cupcakes!" She raised her legs up in the air and farts began trumpeting out one by one while she talked out loud to herself. "Gosh, I really should stop holding these in all day. Prrrft! Brrtt! FrrrrTTT! Like I need to at least find a time around lunch or something to let some of it out. Prtt! Prt! BrrrT! FRAART! But it's always so busy in the shop and in town square around that time... Frap! PrrRpRAAAP! BRRRT!!! People are always walking around outside until close, they'd definitely hear me... hm..." She continued rocking her legs up and down like she was using a imaginary elliptical machine and every time she pushed her leg away another fart exploded out of her.

        Nellie was an absolute gas factory. She had always been this way, ever since she was little. Personally she found it funny, but most people just found it gross and the other kids used to make fun of her for it. They were impossible to hide too. Her farts were always unbelievably loud and smelly. She had a reputation at her primary school, but when she moved to Aevingrove at the age of thirteen to start her magical training, she was determined to rework that image! Nellie became determined not to fart around any of her new friends, but she didn't never got any less gassy. Since she couldn't control the smell or the sound, she learned how to control the timing. Nellie became a master of ripping huge farts the second everyone was out of earshot and clearing out of the area before they were attributed to her. It put a lot of strain on her digestion (and made her farts smell WAY worse at the end of the day), but Nellie always held everyone else's comfort and happiness above her own, so that was the sacrifice she had to make!

        Every year she found a new secluded spot she could retreat to at the end of the day and let all her gas out. Secret gardens, private rooms, forest groves, anywhere nobody ever went late at night so they wouldn't hear her. Her built-up gas was so great that it usually took her about twenty minutes to unwind, but once or twice she was outside farting in her pajamas for more than an hour. Every single pair of underwear in Nellie's drawer was pocked with skidmarks from her various degassing sections. Some much worse than others. Her current pair was one of her better ones, so she always felt bad farting in these. They only had one faded tan spot from an old accident, and honestly that was better than the majority of her wardrobe. She often wore this pair when she was trying to convince herself not to fart up a storm, but lately-- and for the first time in her life-- she had really started enjoying these degassing sessions at the end of the day. She wasn't sure why? Maybe it felt like a reward at the end of a hard day's work? They had always been a source of shame for her before. Oh well!

        Nellie jumped up from the ground, imagining her ongoing fart was cartoonishly propelling her upwards as she did so.

        "I wonder what this'll sound like on metal~?" She slammed her soft ass into the cold metal refrigerator and shivered slightly. A long, sexy fart erupted from her asshole and echoed metallically against the door.

Aevin 2a by PepperspotSunshineAevin 2b by PepperspotSunshine

"Hrrng...."     pppppppppbbbbBBBBRRRROOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRT!!!     "Ahh~!"

        The gas exploded out around her ass and quickly enveloped her, smelling deeply of shit. This was a funky one even by her standards. She slid down into her own cloud and landed on the floor, giggling at the echoes her huge fart had made. She continued ripping ass over and over for a few minutes, deeply inhaling her stink, when suddenly there was a soft knock at the front door.

        Nellie bolted up in surprise. What!? Who was here? They didn't hear any of that, did they?! The shop is supposed to be closed... No one was supposed to be coming over until-- WAIT! What if it was... a
burglar!? Nellie grabbed a nearby frying pan from the rack and held it at the ready as she cartoonishly tip-toed towards the door, trying for total silence but cute little farts accenting her every step.

        Prrrt! Brrt! Brrpt! Prtt! PrbbRRT!

  Nellie sidled up to the front door, pan in her mittened hands, ready for the worst. She waited for another sound. After a few moments there was another set of barely-louder knocks.

        "Hello? Nellie?" called a soft voice from the door, "It's Velvet! Hello? ...Are you there?"

        What? Velvet?! No! Why was she here already!? She was 30 minutes early! Nellie was trying to get all her gas out BEFORE Velvet showed up! Not only did she still have about 60% left in her tank, but it was really hard to stop once she started letting it out. ...Oh gosh, and the kitchen smelled like a toilet now! Agh! Velvet leaned slightly forward to look through the glass window in the door frame and knocked again.

        "Um... I can see you hiding there. ...Can I let myself in?"

        "N-no!" Velvet's hand paused halfway to the knob.

        "Is something wrong?"

        "Uh... yes! We've got... bugs! Real bad ones! M-magical bugs! WITH STINGERS! H-hang on!" She sprinted back into the kitchen and began feverishly attempting to fan away her farts with the dish towel to little effect. The windows were all open and the fan was already on, but the room still stunk like the back of a barn, and there was no time left! Not to mention Nellie could feel another set of farts desperately trying to wedge their way out of her. Once she started degassing it was hard to stop.

        "If the bugs are magical, I can help with that! It's not really a problem for me," Velvet said helpfully from the other side of the front door. "If um... if you could just... Are you sure you don't want me to come in?" 

        "No! No that's fine, um..." Think, Nellie! Think! Well, if the kitchen smells too bad to go inside... then obviously we just won't go in there! I'll keep her in the front room of the bakery! Perfect! The cupcakes are already out there! Nellie dashed to the front door in an instant and opened it wide. "Okay!" she beamed.

        "Where are the bugs?" Velvet said, surveying the room.

        "Oh! They're dead!" Velvet stared at her. Nellie's smile stared back, unflinching. Velvet's eyebrow cocked itself a bit. Nellie was acting weird. She always did this kind of thing when she was trying to hide something, and the girl was no good at bluffing.

        "Well. ...Okay then." She gave Nellie a quizzical smile and put her handbag down on the bakery counter. Usually when Nellie was acting like this she had a surprise that she didn't want you to see or it was part of some goofy game she was playing. It was usually better to just go along with it.

        Velvet was a svelte girl with swooping light pink hair that had a habit of covering her right eye. She always wore light, elegant, pastel-colored skirts and sundresses and was never seen without a lucky rabbit's foot draped around her neck. She had skin the color of hot cocoa and her voice was soft spoken but nevertheless had a great deal of presence behind it.

Velvet Sketch by PepperspotSunshine

        Unlike most of the people in Aevingrove, Velvet was not magical whatsoever. In fact, she was unaffected by magic altogether, a rare condition in the magical world known as "obstacism." Being an obstra meant that, unlike her classmates, Velvet she couldn't even cast the most basic of spells. However, she was totally immune to any and all curses, so she spent her schooling studying up on removing hexes, magics, and other enchantments that were too dangerous for regular witches and wizards to handle. Velvet was rather accomplished as the town's magical cleanser and her services were almost always in demand what with new students bungling dangerous spells at least twice a week.

        Despite her busy schedule Velvet always made an effort to spend time with her longtime friend Nellie at the bakery at least once a week. Nellie's goods were baked with all kinds of enchantments that made the bread rise faster or the chocolate taste just a little sweeter, but Nellie always wanted her cooking to be genuinely tasty, even without magic, so awhile back she asked her longtime schoolmate to taste-test her work and make sure it was good, even without magical handicaps. Velvet was happy to oblige. Not only was Nellie and excellent cook, but she had gotten so wrapped up in her busy day job after graduation that she didn't have much time to see her friends from school anymore. Nellie was pretty much the only girl from her old group of besties that she still saw on a regular basis.

        "Anyways!" Nellie walked over to the glass case holding her cupcakes, "Here's this week's test batch! I'm pretty proud of these!" She lifted the lid off with finesse despite the fact she was still rocking her oven mitts. "Ta da!" She did a little jazz hands gesture. Velvet looked down at the plate.

        "Oh! Red velvet."

        "It's your favorite!" Nellie winked.

        "Mmhm." Red velvet was most certainly not Velvet's favorite. Velvet had reminded Nellie of this repeatedly but it never stuck. At this point it just felt easier to let Nellie think whatever she wanted. Not that she disliked red velvet or anything, it was just a little too rich for her. She was more a croissant kind of girl when it came to pastries. Though anything from Nellie's bakery was always really good. Velvet picked up a cupcake and looked it over. "...Wow. This is really perfect-looking. Almost feels like a crime to eat it." She took a small bite and chewed.

        "Well?" Nellie sparkled.

        "...Wow. This is REALLY good." The chef bounced up and down with anticipation. "It's so... it's so light! It just melts in my mouth. It's like I'm barely eating anything at all!"

        "Yes!" Nellie jumped, "That's exactly what I was going for! I'm hoping people eat one and they feel like it's not enough so they want to buy a bunch more!" She winked mischievously

        "Ah. Clever." Velvet gave her friend a sweet smile. Nellie had a lot of skill as a chef but she wasn't a half bad businesswoman either.

        "Oop! You've got a little..." Nellie leaned forward and swiped off a dollop of frosting resting on Velvet's upper lip. "Boop!" She brought her finger to her mouth and tasted it. The cream was good too! All-in-all a big success! Suddenly Nellie's stomach gurgled a bit. Ah... eating more food... probably... not the best idea right now. She clenched her buttcheeks again, immediately reminded of her bloated tummy.

        "Hey, can you grab the plate?" Velvet said, suddenly standing, "We should chat out by the garden. It's really nice out." Nellie kept a little garden of homegrown herbs and veggies out back. The only door to the garden was through the kitchen, and Velvet had her hand on the door before Nellie'd even realized she was out of her chair.

        "UH!" Nellie bounced at her like someone pressed too hard on the wrong part of a pen and the metal spring exploded out of it. "You shouldn't go in there!" She grabbed the smaller girl's arm the way a child might to try and pull a parent away from a mess they had made before it was discovered.

        "Why not?" Velvet raised her eyebrow again. She made sure to do so with the brow that was unobscured by her hair this time so Nellie could see.


        "Then where did you make these delicious cupcakes?"

        "...Trade secret?"

        "...You're acting really weird today," Nellie said with a soft smile, "Come on, let's go outside." Velvet opened the door. Ah! Nellie tensed. She was going in! ...Well, they were talking for awhile. Maybe the smell had cleared? Oh, who was she kidding. Nellie knew that whenever she blasted up a room that thing was a disaster zone for at least ten minutes, and that was with the windows open. But...  Well, Nellie was a baker! She had a finely-tuned nose. Maybe the stink wasn't that bad if you didn't have a good sense of smell! Maybe she won't notice!

        Velvet noticed immediately. As it turns out, Velvet also had a very acute sense of smell, even more so than Nellie did. Sometimes the only way to detect a curse was by the smell of certain magical residue, so having a keen nose was especially important for a cleanser. But this was no curse smell. This wasn't even a kitchen smell. Velvet knew within an instant of opening the door that this was a fart smell. A girl's fart smell. Her eyes widened. As it turned out, this was a smell that Velvet was almost always on the lookout for, because Velvet was into girls, and she had a huge kink for girls farting. She was an absolute slut for it.

She turned back to look at Nellie despite herself, her eyes quickly zipping up and down her entire figure unconsciously.

        "...Bugs, you said?" Nellie looked away sheepishly. Had she smelled it? Nellie had no idea! Agh, it had been SO LONG since another girl had walked in on her farting... and she had NEVER done it in front of Velvet before. It felt especially embarrassing somehow. Velvet always seemed so proper... 

        "Actually," Velvet said, pacing the room slowly, inhaling as often as she could, "Why don't we just eat in here?" Nellie cocked her head like a puppy.

        "Huh? Really?"

        "Yeah. It's kind of nice to see this place so clean for once!" Velvet was silently sniffing every corner of the room doing her best to look inconspicuous and disinterested, as though she hadn't noticed the smell. Nellie's stink was still heavy in the room, heavy and sweet, like sugar cookies and sewage. It had been months since the last time a girl farted around Velvet, and it was nowhere near this intense. She made sure commit each individual incident to memory. Judging by this level of smell, she must've farted like RIGHT before Velvet had walked in... maybe even a few times. The stink was so powerful that Velvet briefly wondered if Nellie had soiled herself or pooped on the floor or something. Her eyes jotted around for a moment before she realized that no, that was too hopeful. But goodness, Nellie's farts must be intense!

        ...Actually, come to think of it, Nellie had never farted in front of Velvet before. Not even once. How could that be possible? They'd known each other for almost 8 years now. All her friends had farted around her a few times! It was a rare and wonderful experience, but it had definitely happened! Heck, after learning that Celeste was lactose intolerant Velvet had "accidentally forgot" and ordered her pizza at girls' nights and sleepovers several times before.

        Oh man, those were good times...

        Velvet turned her attention back to Nellie. She was fidgeting on her toes and darting her eyes back and forth across the room as though she was looking for an escape route. Velvet had never seen Nellie as a romantic option before, but suddenly the possibility was surging through her mind. After all, she had always thought that Nellie was cute, just never... like that before. She was tall and leggy with curves in all the right places. She was also very soft. Velvet really liked soft girls. As her mind scanned her friend's viability as a sexual prospect Nellie suddenly grabbed a cooking pot off of a nearby shelf and knocked it onto the floor with a loud clang. During the clang there was a quieter but unmistakable "bbrrRRRAAAAAPTTT!" noise. Most people probably wouldn't have heard Nellie's huge fart underneath the clamor, but Velvet's ear was tuned for it.

        Nice try! she grinned, rushing to Nellie's side.

        "Oh, let me get that for you!" She said sweetly.

        "NO NO NO, IT'S FINE!" Nellie shouted. She tried to bodyblock her friend from entering her blast radius, but it was too late. Nellie's farts were getting more potent the longer she was holding them in. This one smelled like a massive amount of sewage that someone had sprayed with perfume. Velvet swore she could feel the air around them increase in temperature. She got as close to Nellie as possible without raising any suspicion and smiled innocently.

        "You're such a klutz today! Is something wrong? You can tell me!"

        "Nope! No, everything's great, c'mon let's go out into the garden!" Oh no. Velvet couldn't let that happen. The moment they were outside she'd be at the mercy of the breeze and Nellie would be able to walk in and out under the pretense of getting her refreshments. She needed this. Time for a gamble.

        "Oh, it's fine! I like this room," Velvet said, sidestepping Nellie and walking directly into the center of her fart-- oh god, it had been years since Velvet had been this exposed... it was WONDERFUL. "Come on, you're acting so silly!"

        "Vel, I really think we should--"

        "Silly!" Velvet said, uncharacteristically singsong. Then she went in for the kill. Velvet dived forward and started tickling Nellie on the sides of her stomach-- her greatest weak point. Nellie burst out in uncontrollable laughter. Nellie had a big, hearty, all-over-the-place bubbly laugh. The kind of laugh you always wanted in your crowds during a live performance. It was infectious. Velvet began laughing too as she danced her fingers all across her friend's sides.

        "V-Vel-ppfffAHAHAHAHAHAHA S-s-s-stOP it! Bah! B-BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I-- h-haha-- I mean it! You really don't want to--" 

        Then Velvet pressed purposefully hard into Nellie's stomach and the room was filled with the deafening blast of her farts.

        pfffFFFFFTTT! prtFFT! brrtt..




        The pair of girls was quickly surrounded in the smelliest, thickest, loudest farts Velvet had ever come into contact with. The air grew heavy and hot as seven, unabashed huge rippers exploded from underneath Nellie's frilly dress a row, each longer than the last and loud enough to make an ogre blush. Velvet could almost see the cloud of stink hanging around them. She stood in total silence, unable to comprehend that all of those had just come out of her frilly friend.

        "Aaah! No!" Nellie flailed, pinching Velvet's nose as fast as she could. "Don't smell it!" With her free hand she began futilely wafting away the smell behind her. "I'm REALLY stinky!" That just turned Velvet on even more. Embarrassment. She could do embarrassment. In fact, it was one of her favorites. Her specific kink was when girls had accidents in public, so that usually went hand-in-hand with her favorite stuff. Velvet cleared her throat to talk and coughed a little despite her best efforts to keep her voice normal.

        "Oh, izzat all!" she smiled, her voice nasally since Nellie hadn't let go of her noseyet. "You're just gassy! Dash no big deal, I don't mind." Nellie stared at her in disbelief.

        "A-are you sure?"

        "Oh yeah! I have to deal with way worse schtuff all the time when I'm dealing wiw curses." Suddenly an idea clicked in Velvet's head. It was unbelievably stupid. "...Hey Newwie... can you wet go of my nose?" Nellie did, hesitantly. It had been a long time since she had messed up and allowed anyone to be in this situation. Velvet sniffed the air a few times. "Phew! Yeah, it's a little ripe, but really it's not that... sniff sniff... sniff sniff... Hm. What's that?"

        "...The smell? I farted! Remember?" Nellie smiled.

        "No. Well, yes but-- It's what they smell like. There's a certain smell that's sometimes present in bodily functions... that means you might be under a particularly dangerous curse. And I think... sniff... sniiiiifff... I think I might smell it in your gas?" Absolutely none of that was true.

        "Wow really? T-that sounds serious!" Nellie's eyes were as wide as saucer plates.

        "Yep. That's definitely a real thing."

        "Oh no!" prbBT! Another cute little fart sneaked out of Nellie as she bounced up and down in horror.

        "I'm sure it's nothing, but if you want I can give you a once-over with my evil eye charm?"

        "It couldn't hurt!" Velvet quickly went out to rifle through her handbag in the front room and reentered a minute later with a diamond-shaped talisman. She was excited to notice the smell had intensified, meaning Nellie probably ripped another one while she was gone. She held the evil eye up to her friend and gave her the once-over. Suddenly the eye design on the front began to glow blue.

        "AH!" Nellie jumped, "W-when did I get cursed!? HOW did I get cursed!? Agh, this is terrible!" Actually Velvet's evil eye had been on the fritz for the last week and a half. For some reason it was saying that everyone in the town was cursed. Stupid thing. Not that Nellie needed to know that.

        "Now now, that might just be a dud. ...But you never know~," Velvet shrugged, enigmatically. "I could always check manually, but... well... hm."


        "Well you see, I can do a manual check-up, but... I've have to get very close to the part of the patient that's showing the symptom. So, well... This is a little embarrassing, but... You'd have to fart in front of me."

        "Oh gosh!" Nellie said, as though that was a huge inconvenience to Velvet.

        "Like I said, I don't mind! I'm no expert," she said, because she was lying, "But this is the only way to check on such short notice."

        "Well... If you're really okay with it..."

        "I'm a cleanser, Nellie. My primary concern is keeping you healthy." Nellie thought for a moment.

        "Hm. Well... I guess I'm okay with it if you are! To be honest, I'm worried that this might really be some kind of hex, but like... also kind of relieved? Maybe I've been cursed my whole life! Geez, that would explain a lot."

        "You've been gassy your whole life, you say?" Velvet asked, vibrating slightly.

        "Heck yeah! SUPER gassy. It's a problem. I mean, well, uh... I know this is weird, but to tell you the truth Velvet, I actually sort of like farting? " Velvet's heart skipped a beat. "But I have REALLY bad gas, so I try not to let it out around people."

        "You don't say?"

        "Yeah it's SUPER bad. I'm just happy that today is a more mild one since I let a few slip in front of you." What. This was mild? Velvet couldn't believe it. Nellie was farting like an elephant. Where had this Nellie been her whole life? "Yeah, like last week I-- heehee, well that's actually super embarrassing."

        "A patient should tell their cleanser everything they can in order to get an accurate diagnosis," Velvet said pushing her legs together in a subconscious attempt to cover the growing wet spot on the front of her underwear as though Nellie could see it.

        "Heh, well um..." Nellie began fidgeting bashfully and turned away, "You said the symptoms would just be in farting, right? So it's not really relevant..."

        "I said it's present in your bodily functions, " Velvet said, eyes wide, closing the distance between her and Nellie as much as she could.

        "W-well! How about you check my farts first? And if there's no problem there, then we can get back to that!"

        "Sounds good," Velvet salivated.

        "So um..." Nellie rocked back and forth in place, "...I should just... let it out?"

        "Yes. Absolutely."

        "Um... ok! Here goes..." She tensed for a moment and a small BRTT! sounded from her backside. "How was that?"

        "Well that one was pretty small," Velvet shrugged, "To get an accurate reading I'll need a good sample size, so the bigger the better." Nellie looked at her with a serious expression on her face.

        "Are you sure?" Velvet actually grew a little concerned at that. Nellie's face made it look like Velvet had just asked her to be inducted into a cult.


        "Well, okay!" Velvet expected her to tense up again, but instead Nellie exhaled and her shoulders drooped. For a moment she looked totally relaxed, and then fffrrrAAAAAAP!!! PRRAaAaaaaPP PRPAAAP PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!! FrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPP!!! A massive series of explosive farts blasted out of the girl. The room was filled wall to wall with her stink and the force of it hit Velvet like the blast from a meteor rippling over her. Velvet couldn't even take in the smell all at once. She was too focused on staring at Nellie, who stood stock still and totally casual looking back at her while enormous farts continued exploding from her backside, visible rippling her dress. She was so... regular-looking. Like this was nothing. If Velvet was deaf she wouldn't even know Nellie was farting over and over again.

        "Is something wrong?" Nellie tipped her head sideways. Velvet shook her head no in wide-eyed silence. How could she be so... so nonchalant? Velvet's heart began racing even faster. Then her nose finally realized it had been caught napping and was surrounded on all sides. The smell was heavy and thick and she reflexively coughed it away a few times. Nellie looked horrified. "S-should I stop!?"

        "N-no! No!" Velvet inhaled deeply both to regain her composure and for the obvious reason. She raised her voice so she was audible over Nellie's on-and-off parade of farts which had started to die off in her shyness. "I was actually wondering if you could turn around? I need the smell to be hitting me directly. It's dispersing too fast, I, um... I can't quite get a diagnosis!" Nellie seemed hesitant. She was holding them in again. "Listen, Nellie, I've literally been inside literal troll guts before trying to remove cursed artifacts. This isn't a big deal." That was actually true. Being a cleanser was a pretty rough job. The baker paused a moment but then nodded. She turned around and her butt jiggled silently, readying a second wave. "G... go ahead," Velvet said, her cheeks all red.

        Prfft... frffr...FRRRRRRT!!!



        Nellie purposefully moved closer and stood directly in Nellie's line of fire. The stink was like the wind had shifted at a zoo and the scent from the keeper's pen was suddenly smacking her directly in the face. She inhaled deeply over and over again. She had never been directly behind a girl farting for her on purpose. And never any cute as Nellie was. Velvet was seeing her friend in a total new light. Why had she never looked at Nellie sexually before? Was it because she was always so kind and friendly? She did kind of come off as a helpful little sister, but... Velvet's eyes traced up the curve of Nellie's stockings along her tall, curvy legs. She followed them up higher and higher until--


A series of particularly windy farts blew Nellie's skirt up off of her butt and exposed her cute, chubby cheeks. Velvet stared wide-eyed at her friend's frilly underwear wrapping around her round ass. She noticed the faded brown stain of an ancient accident caking the cloth. Nellie has pooped her pants before, Velvet realized. Nellie has pooped her pants while wearing this exact pair of underwear. That was it. That was her biggest kink. Cute girls having giant accidents in public. The relief... the embarrassment... the mess. Velvet was immediately hypnotized by the thought of Nellie soiling herself while baking. While shopping for supplies. At school. Alone, in public, everywhere. Before she knew what she was doing Velvet was on the floor crawling towards her friend's still-farting ass in a trance.

        "Um... Vel?" Nellie fidgeted, not even noticing her massive gas was exposing her underwear. "I-is it there?"

        "...Is what there?" she droned.

        "The smell?"

        "Oh yeah~," Velvet smiled, "It smells a lot~..."

        "No you doof," Nellie looked over her shoulder, "The curse smell!" Seeing her friend's face snapped Velvet back to reality for a moment. "And why are you on the floor?"

        "Oh! Um... I... I can't smell it clearly enough from over there. I have to get closer..." Another huge, bubbly ripper exploded from Nellie's ass. It smelled like the baker had been bathing in horseshit before Velvet arrived. Nellie waved the smell away from her face with one hand and fanned her butt with the other.

        "Whew! You can't smell that one? I think it might be your nose that's messed up, not my butt!" Oh, Velvet could smell it. It was wonderful. It was ripe, and rich, and earthen, and so toxic she could practically taste it. But she'd gambled this far and she wasn't going to back out yet.

        "Well, yes, I can... um... smell it. But I need to really get close. You see, the air disperses the chemicals in the flatulence... and once they're gone, I can't get an accurate reading, so I have to be... pretty close to your backside when you fart. You know. Standard medical procedure." Buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it!

        "Hm... alright! You seem okay so far, so... I'll keep going!" Yes! Velvet silently clenched her fist in victory.

        Her farts came out at an even, explosive pace now. BRRAP!! FrrRAAAP!!! BRRRAPP!!! Like the thunderous hooves of a marching elephant caravan. Nellie's stinky gas pushed back the rim of Velvet's red hat and blew the hair out from in front of her eyes. Velvet crawled closer and closer like an explorer reaching for a treasure at the end of a wind tunnel. She sniffed deeply and openly now. No need to hide it, Nellie already knew she was going to be smelling her farts! Velvet quivered with anticipation and horniness in her soft yellow dress. She put a hand on each of Nellie's leg's to steady herself.

        Nellie shivered at her touch and stood up stock still like a gazelle poking its head out from the grass. Velvet creeped her face closer and closer to Nellie's underwear. Her nose was mere inches away now as the back of Nellie's frilly skirt intermingled with Velvet's silky hair. Everything was heat and scent. Nellie's butt wobbled in front of her like a curious animal, occasionally leasing another fart directly onto her face.

        "Well?" Nellie asked.

        "One more big one should do it," Velvet said, carressing her friend's backside like a masseuse. Nellie blushed.

        "Velvet... what are you...?"

        "Go ahead..." Velvet sighed, "Give me a big one please~" She softly opened her mouth so Nellie could fart directly into it.

        "O-okay... I'm gonna relax myself then..." Nellie's leg muscles softened. After a few seconds of unbearable silence, she began farting.

        It crept out of her softly at first with a hissing noise. Velvet adjusted herself and opened wider so it all landed squarely on her outstretched tongue. ssssssssssss..... sssppppprRRRRRRRrrrrrr... Her bitter, shitty stink began assaulting her tastebuds. At first it was soft and tart, like a constant spritz of food coloring being sprayed onto a cake, but after a moment it grew and grew into a massive, trumpeting explosion that was loud enough to be heard from outside.


        The stink was phenomenal. In the past Velvet had run into bathrooms immediately after friends of hers had finished using them, putting her face against the rim, desperate to get a whiff of their smell. She'd even pooped together with friends before in restrooms from just one stall over, but Nellie's gas was more intense than anything she'd ever experienced before. Nellie, desperately hoping Velvet wouldn't get the full blast from this, began wiggling her butt left and right like a garden sprinkler, trying to avoid her friend's face. Velvet responded in turn by purposefully following her asshole with her nose, keeping the heavy smell of shit blasting square in her face and rippling her bangs. It weaved itself into her clothes and hair, spraying her like a skunk. She smelled horrible, and she loved it. Velvet was stunned. She'd never even imagined that a girl's gas could be this powerful.


        She was still going. 10 seconds in and she was still going strong. Velvet's eyes stung. Her lungs burned. Her heart raced. She stared daggers at the browned spot on Nellie's underwear that the long fart was passing through like a gate. She wanted to sniff it. She needed to sniff it. It was likely that she'd never get a girl this cute to do this type of thing for her ever again. She had to do something!
    So Velvet steeled herself, tightened her grip on Nellie's legs, and smashed her face right up into her asscrack. The fart stuttered and stall as the force of it crashed against Velvet's face and it cascaded over her head and through her hair, the stink cascading over her and spreading like mist at the base of a waterfall.

        --fffLRRBBBBBrrrbbbbbRRRRRRRRT!!! BrrrRRRBBBBTTT!!! FlrrbbbbRRRRrrbbbbrRRRRRRRT!!! BRRRTTT!!!!

        "AH!!!" Nellie cried, "Velvet, what are you doing!?" Nellie blushed fiercely and tried to pry her friend from her ass, but it was no use, she was clinging on too tightly. Velvet buried her face in Nellie's buttcheeks as fart after fart bashed into her. Nellie couldn't stop herself. She had gotten too relaxed and now the rest of the gas that she had been welling up inside of her all day was coming out. And she knew what came next. "Velvet, come on, let go!!!" But Velvet wouldn't let go. She didn't care how much face she lost here. This was the goddamned sexiest thing that had ever happened to her. Nellie's just-the-right-amount-of-chubby cheeks cushioned around her face like a pair of pillowy cakes. She inhaled deeply, pressing her nose directly on Nellie's asshole. The smell of shit blasted out harder and harder. It was overwhelming. It was all Velvet could do not to begin eating her out.

        "Oh no!" Nellie perked up, "I know what this is! It must be the curse! It's trapped her there! Hang on Vel!" Nellie began dragging herself over to the cabinet and flung it open, her friend still attached to her butt, which was exploding with farts over and over again. She quickly grabbed a tube of non-stick cooking oil and uncorked it, dumping it down the middle of her asscrack. It felt super weird and terrible, but this was to save her friend's life!!! Velvet, not expecting this at all, began coughing and choking as oil ran down the bridge of her nose and near her mouth. There were a few exceptionally wet-sounding farts as Nellie farted through the stream, causing bubbles to form. Velvet backed off and recovered a few feet away while Nellie wiped herself off.

        "Velvet!" Nellie beamed, "Thank goodness you're okay!" She dived to the ground and hugged her friend. "I thought I'd lost you! I'm sorry my butt is evil! I promise, I'll never fart around you ever again!" Velvet sat in a daze. Never? Never again? No. No, that wasn't what she wanted. Y'know what? Y'know what, fuck it. She'd been gambling well until this point. All in. Let's go all in.

        "Nellie..." Velvet started.

        "Yes?!" Nellie leaned in real close, as though Velvet was dying and she was about to whisper her last words to her. She noticed there were some tears beginning to form in Nellie's eyes. She was really worried. "...Can I tell you a secret?"

        "Huh? Why? YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DIE, ARE YOU!?" Nellie began passionately shaking her back and forth like a rag doll. Velvet noted to herself that this was not the proper bedside manner to use when you think someone is dying.

        "N-no. No. P-please stop shaking me. Um... the truth is... Uh..." Wow. This was... not a thing she'd ever told anyone. Um. How do you say this without sounding weird? ...Impossible. Oh well. "The truth is, you don't have to be worried... about farting around me. I actually... I actually really... like... farts."

        "That sounds like something that A CURSED PERSON MIGHT SAY!!!" Nellie pointed an accusatory finger. Velvet stared at her.

        "I'm an obstra. remember?"

        "Ohh... YEAH!" She nodded decisively. "So, wait... you really like smelling farts?"

        "Yyyup." Velvet could see the gears turning in Nellie's head.

        "So... you liked what I was just doing?"


        Nellie stood still for a moment. Then a big grin spread across her face and she whipped around, pulling up her skirt, releasing an enormous fart.

Aevin 2-1 soiled by PepperspotSunshine


        The wave of toxic gas washed over Velvet before she realized what happened. Nellie bounced up and down like a fairy covered in stink.

        "You should've just TOLD me you were okay with it!" she smiled, relief all over her face. "I was so nervous! Oh my GOSH! I've hidden my gassiness for YEARS! I wish I'd known you liked it! I should've farted in front of you sooner!"

        "Yes," Velvet vibrated, "That would've been ideal."

        "I've had to let it all out like this at the end of the day, every day for YEARS!"

        "You don't say?" Velvet said. I want to marry her, Velvet thought.

        "So... like, you don't mind if I finish up degassing in front of you?"

        "You can do it on me, if you like..." Velvet responded, lust coloring her voice completely.

        "Uh... okay! If you want!" She waddled over to Velvet and lifted up her skirt. "You sure you're ready? I've needed to finish for like fifteen minutes! I don't think I'll be able to stop again once I start! Velvet pressed her face up to Nellie's butt.

        "Don't hold back. Please, please don't hold back."

        "Heehee! Alright!" Nellie's tummy rumbled and she loosened her grip one last time. BrrrTT! FrrrAAAART!!! BrrrRRRRPPppppPPPPLAPPP!!! An avalanche of farts cascaded out of her. The room was filled with her hot, shitty miasma. Nellie's quaint little kitchen smelled like an uncared-for barn, as it did every evening, but for the first time Nellie finally had some company. PrrrTTTTt... ttrrPAPPP! BrraPP!! BRRRAAAAAAP!!! Velvet rested against Nellie's leg, caressing her friend's pillowy ass as it farted in her face over and over again. She inhaled freely and deeply, as though she just woke up in a meadow. Once or twice when she was pretty certain Nellie was looking the other way she stealthily stroked her crotch. The front of her panties were soaked. Suddenly Velvet raised her eyebrows, feeling something churning in her own stomach. She tilted her body and lifted her butt off the ground, letting out a dainty pfffffrrtt~! Velvet wafted her gas up to her nose and smelled it with a smile. Rotten egg stink. It danced in the air around her. She farted three more times (prrt! frt! prrfffff.....~) The third one long and toxic, right into her cupped hand. She stood up, wrapped her arms around Nellie's front and covered her nose with the cupped gas.

        "Wh--? Kch! cough cough... Ew! Velvet, hahaha! That's gross!" Velvet laughed lightly at that. It was like Nellie forgot what she had been doing for the last ten minutes. "I'm gonna have to get you back for that one! Hrn..." BRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPP!!! A massive, wet, bubbly ripper shot right into Velvet's lap and wafted up to her nose. She purred as it vibrated her crotch. This one smelled like she was being shit on directly it was so strong. She loved it. She bathed in the scent. "Whew..." Nellie sighed, patting her rumbling stomach, "Okay, I think that's pretty much all the gas... I'd better uh... Hm?"

        Velvet draped her arms around Nellie and softly clung to her backside. She leaned forwards.

        "Thank you..." Velvet whispered softly. She wrapped her arms around her friend's belly and squeezed to give her a hug. Nellie did not expect that. //

        Nellie lurched forward and, before she could stop it, the last thing left in her stomach came lurching out. She had relaxed too much. ffrRTLLLT!!! sssppPRRTT!!! ssPPRLLLLTTtTTTTT!!!! In an instant her underwear was pollocked with brown stains. Bubbling, stinking, wet farts filled her panties up with shit, turd after turd cascading into her cute little frilly underwear. The white of the fabric was eclipsed by brown and it began to sag. SspplrrPPPrrTBBTTLLLT!!!! Quickly the space between her ass and her dangling underwear was filled with even more shit as her ass exploded. Huge, thick logs began crackling down over the side and down her legs. "Ahhh~" she moaned, her asshole prepping another log to follow the first. Then the second, then the third, a MASSIVE, thick, winding turd that wound its way to the floor like a rope, two feet in length before it broke off. Velvet sat stunned as her friend took a shit in her lap. Some of the poop fell off and hit her foot. Both of them exchanged a look and then bent down to look at the damage. Nellie's underwear had been dyed completely brown.

        "Aw man... not again."

< -- Read the Previous Story Here


Witches of Aevingrove (2-1) | Red Velvet
Velvet goes to visit her friend Nellie at her bakery and winds up enjoying the taste test more than she expected.

Meet the protagonists of Aevingrove! Nellie and Velvet! Two good friends who are very pink and soft. Fabulous art of Nellie done by :iconlazei: ! I commissioned this forever and a half ago and only got around to writing it now! Ha ha OOPS I SUCK! Constructive criticism and feedback greatly appreciated.

A̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶g̶u̶y̶s̶ ̶w̶a̶n̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶f̶a̶n̶a̶r̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶N̶e̶l̶l̶i̶e̶ ̶I̶ ̶w̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶s̶u̶r̶e̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶f̶u̶c̶k̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶a̶g̶a̶i̶n̶s̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶

This is the first part of a 2-part story.

Read the previous story here: pepperspotsunshine.deviantart.…
Kanna and Saikawa [Fart Fetish]

KOBAYASHI: Whoa, Kanna! You shouldn't fart in front of people. It's impolite. ...And it's gross, to boot.

KANNA: Really? When I was at Saikawa's house today I farted on her by accident and she asked me to do it again.

KOBAYASHI: ...For real?

KANNA: Yeah. I farted on her over and over again! She seemed really happy.



I've always though Japanese characters looked way better for sound effects, so I tried them out and hey look at that, they ARE way better.
English version here:


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