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United States
Haha whoops it's a weird fetish page~

I like cute girls who like to fart and pastel colors. Feel free to show this page to your friends and laugh because I also find fetishes fucking hilarious. Humans are great.



Updates will be infrequent because I spend most of my time animating for my job and drawing for clients. If I took commissions people would just be waiting around forever, so I won't, at least not right now. You are free to make requests if you like, but for the same reasons I wouldn't get your hopes up too much!

Fetishes I'm Interested In:
- Farting
- Softcore scat
- Messing
- Yuri
- Diaper (Not ABDL, just the messing aspect)

Fetishes I am NOT interestested in:
- Vore
- Inflation

So don't expect any of that on here.

Please do not send me notes or PMs that just say "Hi!" or "Hello..." If you want to talk to me, just start talking.


Smug Anime Wendy Farting - Alt Ver. In Description
ALTERNATE VERSIONS HERE: pepperspotsunshinefarts.tumblr…
(Includes Diapered fart, Diaper, and Messing/Scat)

This is the most niche, trashy thing I've ever made.

In case you're unfamiliar with whatever the fuck THIS is, there was a recent trend where the someone took the surprisingly sassy Wendy's twitter and drew her as a smug anime girl. She is cute as hell and I regret nothing but am still ashamed.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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WARNING: This story contains copious amounts of FART FETISH material and SCAT. If any of that bothers you then this story probably isn't for you. For those who are into farting, but not scat, I will mark the part of the story where scat begins with a "//" so you can read up until that point.

 < -- Read the Previous Chapter Here

        In the days after Minuette's little show in her living room Celeste felt even worse than before. She made sure Spurr wouldn't be seeing that accursed underwear again. She had burned it herself with a fireball spell out back. What made her feel worst of all was Spurr's reaction to the whole thing. Before the incident with Minuette he seemed to be readjusting to Celeste's presence again. Now he was having a hard time even striking up a conversation. They were like two satellites awkwardly dancing around each other every day in the library.

        After another three days Celeste submitted to the possibility Spurr would never be talking to her openly again. To remedy this she invited him to watch some movies with her after work hours. The two of them used to make a habit out of watching schlocky B movies and mocking them. It was a surefire pick-me-up and Celeste figured that if she couldn't get Spurr talking with this it was official: she had fucked up their relationship beyond repair.

        At the end of a sleepy day at the library the two of them went to a back room in the living quarters with a shitty old couch and a television with an old VHS player. Spurr's personal favorite part of the library was a small room filled with garbage VHS tapes the library had acquired over the years from god-knows-where. Celeste had selected a tape they'd been meaning to find the time to watch for a month: Snow Mummies 2: Under Wraps.

        It was the sequel to one of their all time favorite B movies, Snow Mummies, which was about a bunch of explorers in the arctic finding a pyramid hidden in the glacier filled with ice mummies. The explorers go in looking for treasure and all get picked off by the mummies one by one. The acting and special effects are abysmal and the best moment of the film-- in their opinion-- is during the scene where one of the last two survivors is killed by some mummies. If you squint you can see that underneath the monster makeup one of the mummies is actually the actor who played the first explorer, Martin, who was killed off earlier in the movie, and obviously he had been double cast due to the low budget. Celeste and Spurr found that fucking hysterical and yelled "It's MARTIN! Martin was the mummies all along!" From that point on any time any movie they watched together had a twist in it they would jokingly yell "It's Martin! Martin was the _____ all along!" and fill in whatever noun was relevant.

        "I hope you're ready for this trainwreck," Celeste smiled, popping the tape into the player. Spurr made a vague sound of acknowledgment.

        "Mm." While the TV fizzled to life and the tracking bar danced across the static on the screen Celeste sprinted back and jumped on the couch next to Spurr. It groaned mechanically as some of the old springs fought back against her weight. She forgot you're not supposed to mess with the old thing that much. Celeste offered Spurr a slice of the pizza they had ordered and he took it but didn't actually eat any of it.

        "Snow Mummies... TWOOOOOOO!!!" shouted a corny announcer. The title appeared in big block letters. "Dazzling thrills and THRILLING dazzles as the mummies from the arctic return!" Celeste snorted.

        "Gee, I'm glad they've got an advertisement for this movie we already bought." She looked expectantly at Spurr, waiting for some kind of follow-up. There wasn't one. "And what the hell are 'thrilling dazzles' anyways?" Still no response. She withered. The movie droned on with some shoestring plot that made no sense whatsoever. A freak snowstorm in Egypt somehow resurrected some kind of second ice pyramid hidden beneath the Nile and blah blah blah. It was absolutely ridiculous and by all means an easy movie to riff on. Celeste was trying her best but Spurr was just not giving her anything to work off of. No reactions, no laughs, no jokes. By the time they were halfway through the movie and the pizza Celeste was pretty bummed. Not only that, but after all that pizza she was starting to feel bloated and gassy. She was really lactose intolerant but goddamnit if you can't have pizza on movie night then why bother watching anything at all.

        Oh man though, she really needed to fart. She didn't want to do it in front of Spurr for... obvious reasons, but there was no way she could hold this in. Ahhh... She shuffled back and forth with the weight and pressure in her stomach like a buoy and positioned her ass in the thickest pile of pillows she could, hoping they would muffle her gas. She slowly relaxed and pushed out a lot of air in a massive silent fart that lasted about seven seconds. Jeez that was huge. The pillows tried their best but Celeste's mighty stink was too much for them. It blasted out from around the seat of her pants and spread out around her body, creeping up her hair and billowing across the room like a shock wave. It smelled terrible, too. She knew it would. It was warm and deep and smelled like she had just shit herself.

        Celeste did her best to look forward casually and pretend that nothing happened but in her periphery she saw Spurr wince and glance at her a little bit. She blushed. For some reason she was fine with farting openly in front of him but when she did it by accident it was still really embarrassing. She waited a few moments for the smell to pass but it stuck around. After about 30 seconds the air was still bitter with her stink. Finally Spurr turned to her, half gagging and half laughing.

        "Jesus, Celeste."

        "I'm sorry!" She exploded, throwing her arms in the air. She tried to push herself deeper into the arm of the sofa in retreat, but in doing so she shifted off of the initial pillow she had farted on and the small amount of gas it HAD managed to block was released into the air, making the smell even worse. Spurr glanced at the half of the pizza remaining on the floor.

        "You know what pizza does to you. Yeesh, maybe I should've eaten more so you wouldn't have been able to." His first slice was sitting on a paper plate next to him with only two bites taken out of it.

        "I said I was sorry. I really was trying to hold it in..." 

        "Yeah, for too long. It just gets worse when you do that. Just..." he sighed, "Just let it out when you have to." Celeste could tell that he genuinely meant that as a "don't make yourself uncomfortable on my account" thing instead of a "please engage in my fetish" thing. She awkwardly leaned over and stuck out her ass, letting out a small but fierce fart.


 It wasn't especially big, but from the warmth alone Celeste could tell this one was going to be smelly. It wafted over both of them and the raunchy smell of pizza farts assaulted their noses. Celeste felt herself getting turned on again. Oh, goddamnit...

        "Hey, this has been a hell of a week for you, huh?" She smiled, trying to joke away her own libido. The slight grin that had started to form on Spurr's face ran off again. He took a deep, contemplative breath and sighed. There was a moment of silence between them.

        "Why did you tell Minuette about my fetish?" That caught her off guard.

        "Um... Well, you like it, don't you?" She didn't really have an answer herself. The idea seemed terrible in hindsight. "I mean, you're into it. She was on board. Whatever. What's the problem?"

        "The problem is that it was a secret. I thought... I thought I could trust you with that?" Celeste's heart dropped in her throat. She hadn't even thought of that. Ever since she had found out about Spurr's kink there had been an unspoken agreement between them never to tell anyone. 

        "Well... Minuette didn't seem to mind?" That was a weak defense and Celeste knew it. Spurr sighed. "A-Also you got a good night out of it!" She nearly bit her own tongue at that. Every time she thought of that night she felt a stinging jealousy rage up to her shoulders. She was angry at Minuette, even though Celeste had been the one that asked her to seduce him. Really she was just angry with herself.

        "I don't care that she was okay with it. I... I liked it when it was just you that knew. It was like our secret, y'know?" Celeste stared at him. Some mummy was attacking a tourist on the screen but neither of them were watching anymore. "Celeste?" She perked up. It was rare he addressed her by name. "I know this is probably pretty obvious by now, but... I like you. I like you specifically, and... Don't get me wrong, part of me loves the fact that you convinced Minuette to do that for me. Really. But... It's kind of weird for the girl you wanna be with to be like 'Hey, check out this chick! Why don't you bang her instead of me?' It's a weird feeling. Does that... does that make sense?"

        Celeste shuffled.

        " like me?" was all she could say.

        "Well... yeah." Spurr paused and gave a little chuckle like he always did when he was nervous and wanted things to feel less sincere than he meant them to be. "I've kind of always had a crush on you, y'know?" He stared expectantly. She looked back at him like a mounted fish. "Well, um... I guess I thought you knew. I figured that's why you teased me all the time..." He shuffled. Now that he thought about it Celeste had always been pretty braindead when it came to romance. Back home she had asked him for advice at least half a times because her guy friends were "acting like total weirdos" around her and she didn't know why when they were clearly hitting on her. Spurr took a breath.

        "Ever since I was like ten. Even before the first time you... y'know, farted on me. That was just confirmation, if anything. There's a reason I kept hanging out with you even after I stopped hanging out with Janus." Celeste thought back on it and couldn't really remember her younger brother spending any time with Spurr in the last year before she had gone off to school. It was always just the two of them together.

        "I was really happy that you wanted to hang out with me," he continued, "Especially after you knew what an oddball I am. It was cool that you considered me a friend. And this year I was so excited to get to hang out with you again! All the time! Then you... well, we had that moment a few weeks ago and... I dunno, that was... Alright I'll just ask it. That was super sexual, right? Am I crazy?"

       Celeste meekly shook her head in confirmation.

        "Yeah, we had that moment and, for once, finally, I thought you liked me back. I mean there were a bunch of times where I kind of thought you liked me but this... it was... Hm. Then the thing with Minuette happened and... I don't know. Now I have no idea what you want." He stared at her, expectantly. A pause. After a moment she smiled and softly laughed at herself.

        "Wow. Here you are, able to openly talk about all this stuff with me like it's nothing and I'm spending weeks in my room freaking out about it. You're more of an adult than I am." She thought back to all those times when they were younger where a casual conversation with Spurr would suddenly turn into an all-night hang session. After hearing it from him it seemed... really obvious that he'd been attracted to her. "Y'know, there were more than a few times back home where I'd lay in my bed and think 'Gosh, I wish Spurr was just like four years older. Then I could ask him out and it wouldn't be weird or anything.'"

        "I wish I had been born a little earlier too," he smiled. Celeste smiled back.

        "Y'know, I've got plenty of friends with parents who have a bigger age gap than we do. If we wait just a few more years it won't be that weird anymore."

        "I'd be willing to wait." Spurr said. Celeste crawled across to his side of the couch.

        "I wouldn't." She leaned over him. Heat and stink radiated off of her. Her farts clung to her tight sweatpants and swirled about her hair. Spurr was caught off guard. "Maybe if I act a little more immature it won't feel so weird." She took his hand and lead it around her backside, placing it flat on the cheek of her ass, then sliding it over so his hand covered her asshole. Air was blowing out of it. A long and constant stream of silent but deadly farts pouring out of her ass.


        "Sorry I'm stinky~" she winked, the farts continuing on and off for fifteen seconds.

        He stared into her eyes and began rubbing his open palm across her farting asshole. He brought his hand back to his nose and sniffed it. Good lord it was rank. He pressed it to his face and inhaled heavy stink of raunchy pizza farts that come with lactose intolerance; Deep, bittersweet, vaguely mixed with cheese and sauce, but mostly just smelling of the onslaught of shit that would be coming out of her later that night. The smell from his hand faded soon but was replaced by a tidal wave of the gas that was still creeping out from Celeste's asshole. Spurr's usual erection finally appeared and slammed against his jeans like a mole coming up against concrete. Celeste grinned with satisfaction like a cat cornering her prey.

        "Y'know," he said, face already flushed, "Pizza farts are actually my favorite. These smell exactly like the ones you had on the night you figured out I was into this stuff."

        "Oh yeah?" Celeste wiggled off of him and stood up, the silent stream of farts coming out of her ass taking on a noticeable "pbbrrrrrrrrrrtt!" sound as her asscheecks adjusted around them. She bent down (pbbrRRRRTT!!!) and grabbed the box containing the remaining three pizza slices. She shoved one into her mouth and ate it in three or four bites before immediately starting on the next slice.

        "U-uh, are sure you're gonna be okay!?" Spurr started. Celeste wasn't violently lactose intolerant anything, but more than half their movie sessions were accompanied by pizza and he knew that even just a few slices could keep her on the toilet for several hours.

        "Yeah I'm sure!" she said with renewed vigor, "After all, you were being a sourpuss through the whole fucking movie! Now that you're in a better mood we're gonna start over, and we're gonna tear this thing to pieces!" As excited as he was for another 93 minutes of his friend ripping ass next to him, Spurr was weirdly happy she proposed a rewatch. He had committed to being silent and bitter throughout the first viewing and had actually come up with a few jokes that he thought were really funny, but he had to swallow them to keep the act up. He was excited to share them with her. This was one of the reasons he liked her so much. She had a good sense of priorities. If they were going to sexually tease one another then they were going to do it while watching 3rd-rate acting and laughing their asses off.

        Celeste set the VHS player to rewind and grabbed a huge pile of pillows from around the room. After she decided she had enough she stood in front of the couch and gestured with her head for Spurr to scooch over. He moved to the center of the sofa and she stacked a number of pillows on either side of him about a foot high.

        "What're you doing?" he asked.

        "Arranging my seat." She laid herself directly across the pillows and Spurr's lap and grabbed a nearby blanket, covering herself with it. her ass was situated right over his crotch. She cozied herself against him and wiggled her ass a bit to ascertain he was still erect. Oh yes indeed he was! She raised her arm from underneath the blanket and pointed the vintage remote at the screen. "Aaaaand, play!"


        They reset the movie and waited. This time Spurr was fully on board for riffing this thing. They mocked the terrible set that was definitely not Egypt and most certainly some public beach with random beachgoers walking into the shots. They laughed at the actors' deliveries, especially the mummies (who could now talk in this movie? They didn't know why) that were barely intelligible. Spurr was especially proud of a stupid death line he thought of when a mummy killed the main character's best friend that made Celeste laugh uproariously. He loved hearing her laugh and feeling her belly move up and down on his lap.

        Then it happened. Slowly but surely Celeste's stomach began to rumble like an ominous volcano. Little silent airy farts began creeping out onto Spurr's crotch, gathering in bulk beneath the blanket. Every few minutes or so Celeste would raise the side of the blanket nearest his face and blast him with a dutch oven she had been saving up. They extra pizza Celeste was happily wolfing down was really intensifying the gas. It smelled like walking into a bathroom after she had just destroyed the toilet (something Spurr had purposefully done many times in the past).

        The farts grew and grew in intensity, starting out as small rippers that were high pitched and squeaky and quickly developing into loud, bubbly, bassy farts.


"Boy, those mummy groans sound awful," Celeste said casually, rubbing her ass back and forth across Spurr's dick while she farted. About a third of the way into the movie they had made a game out of blaming all of her farts on something else. "Wow, this movie has bad sound effects." "I think one of the crew's vehicles has a leak in its tire." "Was that thunder? Is it raining outside" The trick was to accuse something different every time. Spurr was having a ball.


        Celeste grunted as she ripped a huge, stinking fart onto Spurr's lap. The entire room smelled raunchy and ripe and the smell of her ass hung in the air and inside Spurr's lungs.

        "Jeez Spurr," she said, "I didn't want to say anything but you should go to the bathroom man."

        "Hey you can't pin it on me, that's cheating."


        "Spurr, seriously, stop it." That one was shorter but much more powerful and a lot wetter. 

        "You totally ran out of stuff to point out. You lose. I had like three more things I was ready to--


That one was enormous. It rumbled Spurr's entire body he could feel it in his legs like when you stand too close to a speaker at a rock concert. The smell hit him like a brick wall, this one smelled almost entirely of shit. What really turned Spurr on about it more than the smell or the sound was Celeste's face while she did it. It was totally unchanging while she innocently looked forward at the movie like that was nothing. There was definitely a little bit of precum at the tip of his dick. He was worried he might ejaculate with his friend sitting on top of him, but at the same time part of him kind of hoped it happened by accident.

        "Wow Spurr, you stink."

        "Hahaha Jesus, Celeste. Maybe you should see a doctor."

        "It's not me~" she said coyly.

        "Well it's obviously not me."

        "Well if it's not me, and it's not you, then who could it possibly be?"

        And then, at that very second, in a beautiful moment of cosmic coincidence, who who should walk on screen but none other than the actor who played Martin and Mummy #4 in the original Snow Mummies, dressed in pathetic makeup and gauze that had clearly been brought from the dollar store. The boom mic leaned into the shot. "I have returned," Martin said, flatly.

        "IT'S MARTIN!" Spurr shouted, "MARTIN WAS THE FARTIN' ALL ALONG!!!"

        Celeste fucking exploded with laughter (from both ends) and she rolled off of Spurr and fell smack down on the floor, taking the blanket with her. Removing the blanket unleashed a wave of stink from the farts it had been holding back from Celeste's last onslaught and the room grew even warmer and funkier. Spurr didn't even have the time to smell it, he was on the floor next to Celeste in an instant on his knees pointing in disbelief at the TV.

        "I can't believe it!" he yelled, "I cannot fucking believe it. Oh! Oh man I am SO happy that I saved that stupid joke until just now! Holy shit that was perfect." Celeste could not respond. She had gone past the explosive phase of laughing and had begun wheezing and gasping for breath on the floor. "Holy shit," Spurr said again. He leaned down to Celeste. "Hey. Hey are you alright?" She wheezed out maybe a single letter at him. Tears were streaming down her eyes. "Oh my god, wait, are you actually okay?" Celeste took two deep breaths in and out with some difficulty.

        "Hah.... haaah..... oh my god... I'm gonna fuckin' die," she wheeze-laughed again. "That was... that was so... Marti-- ...Mar--" she dissolved on the floor again and resumed being unable to breathe. "M-m-- I can't even say his-- ...hah... can't say his stupid name..." She fell into another fit of laughter that caused Spurr to begin laughing again and the cycle continued for another two minutes while Celeste tried and failed to say "Martin" repeatedly. After a little while she managed to compose herself with Spurr shaking her.

        "Celeste! Celeste you can't DIE!" he said, mimicking a scene from earlier, down to the actor's bad inflection. "With whom will I explore the TOMBS with???"

        "I'm sorry my LooOOoove...?" she mimicked back, "But it looks like this... is.... theendforme."

        "Damn, Martin has killed her." Spurr added to the script, prompting Celeste to burst out laughing again.

        "Th-- the... haha... the most I can do now, is give you a kiss goodbye... my sweet..." Celeste leaned up to Spurr and made a dumb smacking noise with her lips like the woman in the movie had done before her """tragic""" death sequence. They both chuckled as her face went back to normal, but didn't back away. Their laughing died down and they stared at each other. They locked eyes.

        It was clear they both wanted to kiss.

        Now kissing was by no means the most sexual thing they had done that night, or even previous nights. But for some reason this felt like a big step for them. It was something they had wanted to do in secret for a long time. It wasn't even fetishistic. In fact the only thing weird about it was the age gap. But committing to it seemed like something else entirely. It seemed important. Even with everything else that happened, when the two of them looked back on this night this was always the first thing they remembered.

       "...You know this is totally messed up, right?" Celeste said, leaning in closer and caressing his face.

        "I know. I don't care. Besides, you're the one who gets in trouble if we get caught."

        "Fuck you," Celeste smiled.

        "Fuck you," he smiled back.

        They kissed. 

        Both of them were fairly inexperienced, so it was kind of sloppy. Celeste's mouth was a little greasy and tasted like leftover pizza for obvious reasons. Spurr momentarily forgot that Adult Makeouts™ are done open-mouthed, so they conked into each other before actually intertwining tongues. Spurr pushed her forward and fell on top of her, kissing her as passionately as if he knew how. All in all, it really wasn't a very good kiss. But it was a kiss they had both wanted to happen for a very long time. And sometimes that's all that really matters.

        "So..." she took a breath, "...There it is."

        "Yup." A beat. He leaned in and kissed her one more time on the lips. "Yup yup."

        "Yup yup yup." There wasn't much more to say. Their reverie was interrupted by a loud, lurching gurgle from Celeste's stomach. "Ohhh geez, and there that is. Alright, I need to go to the bathroom." She shuffled up off the floor and when she readjusted herself she gave a little start. "Oh boy. Uh..."


        "...I THINK I might've shit myself a little."

        "How much is a little?" Spurr asked, barely able to contain his excitement. Celeste cautiously reached back around and grabbed the rim of her pajama bottoms and pulled them away. As she did she could feel a little warm, wet spot where her underwear peeled away. She looked back. There was a brown streak about the size and thickness of a paintbrush stroke going up her faded pink underwear.

        "Aw, this is one of my favorite pairs. I must've sharted when you made me laugh. I didn't even notice."

        "Sorry not sorry," Spurr said.

        "Oh. Right! I forgot this turns you on too! Ugh. You are so weird, Spurr."

        "Sorry not sorry again!", he shrugged. Her insides rumbled like a jug of milk twisting its way down a sink.

        "Okay pause the movie, I have to go to the bathroom." Spurr did. She waddled awkwardly out of the room and down the hallway. Spurr sat for a moment before going over to the spot she had been laying on the couch to sniff around for any trace of her smell. Before he could position himself Celeste leaned back in. "Well? Are you coming?"

        "Why would I?"

        "You like watching girls poop, right?"

        "I mean yeah, but you don't have to let me if you don't--"

        "Oh no. I'm going to make you cum tonight," she declared before flipping her hair and walking out of the room. She hoped she looked cool and dominant while she said that. For once, she actually kind of did.

        "Well. If you insist!" Spurr trotted off behind her and followed her into the bathroom. Judging by the smell Celeste had farted two or three more times before he entered. She was standing there clutching her stomach and moaning. //


        A huge, went fart erupted in her pants and splattered even more of her underwear in brown. She moaned even louder and resumed her patented sexy voice.

        "Ooh... Spurr...I need your help. Take my pants off~"

        "...Why do you need me to--?"

        "You're the library assistant, now assist!" She shouted. Spurr dutifully scampered around to her backside and awkwardly put his thumbs under the rim of her pajama bottoms. This pair was a soft teal color decked out with turtles instead of sheep and a slight hint of brown. He slowly pulled down her pajamas and got a first-person view of her soiled underwear. It actually wasn't as bad as he was expecting. He could only see a little bit of the brown if he really squinted--

        --Oh, there it is, he thought, watching the brown spot grow. The stink of that one hit him hard. The smell of actual shit in her underwear was much more powerful than the smell of her farts. It was bittersweet again, a little bit of Celeste's personal flowery stink mixing in this time. Spurr leaned his face in and pressed his nose to the wet spot, sniffing deeply. Celeste jumped a bit in surprise when the wet of her shit was pressed against her buttcrack again. There was actually a lot more poop there than he realized and his face settled into it like a boot in mud. She blushed feverishly.

        "U-um... the underwear too, please?"

        "Oh, sorry," he said, still sniffing. Celeste's stomach responded with another unpleasant sounding gurgle before ripping another massive fart in his face.


"O-okay!" She cried, clenching as much as she could, "This pair is about as ruined as they can be if I still want to salvage them! P-please take them off..." Spurr obliged hearing the desperation in her voice and pried the shitty underwear from her buttcheeks. A little bit of brown was caked here and there on her asshole. Celeste stepped out of her soiled underwear and slammed herself down on the toilet before the oncoming flood could shoot out of her. The moment her ass hit the seat a barrage of echoing farts exploded out of her, their echoes filling the room.


"Oh thank goodness," she sighed in relief. Spurr stood watching her awkwardly and fully erect. He had never been this close to a girl pooping before. "So Spurr? How long has this been a turn on for you?"

        "Since forever," he said, flushed.

        "That sucks."

        "Yup. It's terrible." He looked up at her. "Thank you for being so cool about it."

        "No problem. Nngh..." She winced and contracted her stomach as a log shot out of her and smacked against the water. SSPRRRAAAAT!!! "Ow... Aaah, goddamnit. Ooookay..." Her stomach did heavy, awkward, painful flips. She always managed to forget exactly how painful pizza shits were for her. "You're lucky, Spurr. I think I'm gonna be here a long time. Oh god... There's at least three waves in there." Spurr frowned.

        "Oh. Y'know, if you're in pain that's actually kind of a turn-off. It makes me feel bad when the girls feel uncomfortable."

        "WHAT!? Why did you tell me that when I was scarfing down an entire pizza!?"

        "I did warn you it to be careful..."

        "Come on, man! Well, I'm gonna be here in pain for at LEAST an hour. ...You'd better figure out some way to distract me from... agh..." A big grunt followed by a splattering of diarrhea against the back wall of the toilet bowl. SploooooOOOOOOORCH! SprRAt! SPLAT!!! Her stink exploded up into the room. "All this pain... You dummy. Aah~" Spurr didn't mention that the way she moaned there turned really him on.

        "What did you have in mind?"

        "Well, um..." her eyes skirted away from him. "Can... do you mind if I... if I could see your dick?"

        "Oh. Um, yeah, sure." He awkwardly de-pantsed himself, waddling the cloth down around his erection. Celeste had noticed the spot where it had been pressing against his underwear was wet. After a second Spurr was naked from the waist down. His penis protruded forward and seemed to bridge the space between them immediately. Celeste was a little surprised at how dark his pubic hair was. It was much closer to her own hair color in contrast to his blondeness. 

        "Okay. Okay! Cool." She looked at Spurr. Then down to his dick. Then up at him again. Then she grasped it from the front of it like a monkey grabbing a doorknob and began vigorously shaking it up and down."

        "OW. OW OW OW OW!!!" Spurr shot backward. "AaaaAAaaagh whaaaaat? WHAT was that!?"

        "I'm-- I'm sorry! Did I do something wrong!?"

        "Wh- yes! Have you never... You have no idea how to handle a penis, do you?"

        "I... guess not?" She shrunk. A truly massive fart exploded out of her and echoed through the room. She didn't even seem to notice. "...What do I do?"

        "Well you... you grab it like... Um." Spurr looked down and paused as though his penis was instead some fascinating new kind of bug he'd never seen before. "It's kind of hard to explain. Do you want me to uh... show you?" A tiny catlike grin stretched across Celeste's face. She nodded excitedly. She had in fact spied on him masturbating a handful of times before using her scrying powers, even fingering herself while doing so once or twice (he was cute, sue her), but it had always been hard to see exactly what was going on. When looking through walls with her magic everything was silhouetted in purple. She'd never gotten such a good look before. God, he was big. God, he was cute. He jacked himself off for about a minute or so. She watched him shyly while her butt loudly trumpeted into the echoing toilet.

        BrrRRROORrrRRRT!!! Prrrap! PRRAAAP!!! FrrRaapppp... prrroOOOOAAART!!!! Squelch, sss, plop!

She pinched off a log into the toilet that fell into the water with a loud splash. She blushed. Even though it was her idea to let Spurr watch her do this and she was actually getting off to it more than she expected Celeste still found it all pretty weird. He inched forward and slightly closed the gap between them like a jousting knight caught in slow motion. Spurr offered her a second try.

        "So you want to wrap your hand around it as much as you can, like you're holding something to write with. But you don't want to grip it, exactly. Be... firm, but soft. It's more about the back and forth motion than the pressure. ...Though sometimes pressure is important-- look, just be gentle."

        Celeste was. She hesitantly reached forward and, very very softly wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Spurr made a noise that she couldn't identify as pain or pleasure. She tried her best to mimic the motion he had shown her before, but it was awkward because her hands were coming from the opposite direction. After a time she got a rhythm going, but it still felt weird to her. What if I'm messing up? What if he's actually uncomfortable but doesn't want to say anything? What if-- oh, he's moving forward aaand, okay, he's kissing me again. Spurr closed the distance between them and began making out with her while her right hand massaged his crotch. Oh. Okay. I guess I'm doing well! Yay!

Then her stomach rumbled and she filled the toilet a third up with hot, wet spray in one long push. SppPPRRPPPPPPPPLRRRRRRRAT!!! For a quick second she finally felt some relief before the almost nausea-like pain in her intestines returned a moment later.

        "Oookay, round two." She turned to Spurr. "Flush for me," she ordered. Her handle-side arm was too busy dealing with his dick to do the job herself.

        "But I want to see it."

        "I'm not done," Celeste noted, "I just have to flush a bunch mid-poop or else the toilet gets clogged. That is hot as hell, Spurr thought.

        "...Could we maybe not flush so I can see how much there is overall?"

        "Only if one of us wants to spend twenty minutes plunging away to fix this thing!" Spurr grinned at her. "Oh my gosh you are so disgusting. Fine. But you're responsible for cleaning this stupid room after we're done tonight." He nodded excitedly. ...Then a thought occurred to her. She took her hand back and she pushed Spurr away from her, looking him straight in the eyes. "You promise?" she asked. It seemed more like an order than a question. Spurr nodded again, confused. "Hm. Okay! I'm holding you to that. Get off for a second." Spurr did.

        Celeste stood up and stretched a bit. "Aaah~ That's better." The rim of the toilet-seat left an unflattering red indentation around her ass that Spurr could see reflected in the mirror behind her. He adjusted himself to look into the toilet bowl and see what she'd left behind. It was a dark-brown swarth of water that went a little under halfway up to the rim. Nothing especially noteworthy about it aside from the splat of diarrhea pollocking the back of the bowl. Spurr felt a little disappointment despite himself. He wasn't actually a big fan of watery shits. But hey, beggars can't be choosers! 

        "Oh, hang on," Celeste said, grabbing her tummy and bending forward slightly. Just then PPPLLLLAAAAAAAAAARP!!! A small turd about the length of a playing card rocketed out of her ass and exploded against the lifted seat of the toilet, splattering everywhere. "Oops~" She said, doing her best imitate the exact intonation Minuette had used to make Spurr cum before.

        "UH." he said, seemingly more concerned for the room's cleanliness than for his libido. Celeste noted that she was actually rubbing off on him.        

        "What's that look for? You SAID you'd clean it up, right?" She looked at him. It suddenly clicked in his brain that she did that on purpose to turn him on. She turned and looked over the soiled toilet as though it was a normal day and she was wearing pants. "Do you think my hair looks okay?" BRRRRAAAPT! "I was thinking about getting it cut!" prrRRaPT! BrrT! Frrt... sss... As she played with her hair her asshole puckered and the tip of a turd began to turtle out of it. It fell onto the floor, small, about the size of a lime. Then more shit forced it's way out, caking the ground. This was more solid than before, still soft enough that speckles of it exploded when it splattered against the ground, but thick enough that the turds had weight and still retained some shape as they settled on the floor.

        Celeste turned and pivoted, looking at all sides of herself in the mirror so that she could swivel around and shit in all directions like a garden sprinkler. The floor became wetter and more disgusting with each of her tremendous sharts. PrrrAP! SsspppLLLLLLLAAAT!!! BRRRRRRRRROOOOOOORT!!!! Spurr was surprised when a second wave of even worse-smelling gas assaulted his nostrils. It was heavy and thick and so horrible that he couldn't even think of the words to describe it. It just burned his nose fiercely and anonymously. He was reminded of a cartoon character who had just been hit by an explosion, their hair blasted backwards and soot-black

        Seeing Celeste's ass turned towards his feet (and her pajama bottoms) he quickly grabbed them off the floor and threw them into the bathtub for safety. Celeste knew he would grab them in time so she didn't hesitate even slightly when farting in his direction. Little brown splotches peppered his pants and socks.

        Suddenly Spurr stood up straight, grabbed Celeste by her shoulders, turned her towards him and began passionately kissing her. It was sloppier and wetter than before. He forced her against the door and pushed her body against the wood. Then he pushed his wood against her body. Then into her body. His dick shot into her like a battering ram and he pushed her hard up against the door, pushing a few more tiny farts out of her.

        Frtt! Frratt... Prt... Psss....

For a moment, her ass silenced as he pounded up and into her over and over again, causing her to moan with surprise and pleasure. He wrapped his arms around her and explored her entire face and neck with his tongue. His left hand found its way under her shirt and began massaging her breast and playing with her nipple. She forgot all about her stomach pain. It had left the room politely as though it had just realized that it was a third wheel alone with a couple, ruining their date. Spurr had read somewhere that girls had a lot of sensitive spots that you were supposed to stimulate during sex. He did his best to remember as many as he could and massaged each of them gently up and down to the same beat he was dicking her.

        Uh... he was pretty sure one was on the neck? He remembered one was right above the vagina on that V formed by the outline of a girl's abs. It was kind of awkward but he slid his hand down next to her crotch and began stroking her groin through her curly brown pubes. Spurr knew some guys that were not into girls with hair. Spurr was not one of those guys. He continued massaging her anywhere that would make her moan, always while making out with her. After a minute of being concerned whether or not she was enjoying herself his brain reregistered her intense shitty stink hanging all around them and his dick hardened again, trashing into her more fiercely than before. Celestes cries grew even louder. They continued like that for about five minutes. Or maybe it was hours. However long it was, it wasn't long enough. Goddamn this was hot. Some wet fluid was dripping down her inner thigh and she wasn't sure if it was Spurr's precum, her own wetness, or some diarrhea. She hoped it wasn't the diarrhea. Celeste tried to come up with something sexy to say.

        "Aaaagh... Spurr! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she yelled!

        Well, at least it was straightforward, she thought.

        BRRRRAAAAP!!! ssSPPpppPPPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORTTT!!! pprrrllAaaaArpp! SrrppppplrrrTTT!!!!

Then her third wheel lactose intolerance returned as though it had forgotten its car keys in her house. Oh, and look at that! It brought along its friend, "Copious Amounts of Shit All Over The Bathroom Door" ! Celeste sighed. As much as her front end was loving this entire exchange-- (good LORD was her front end loving this exchange! Spurr's dick was so long and hard and it curved in a way she wasn't expecting and she loved it and aaagh ~<3)-- her back end was tired of the whole affair. Not only that but she was pretty sure even the most dedicated and Horny Spurr wouldn't be able to get all these stains out of their carpet. It was a good thing most of the bathroom was tile. She broke the kiss from Spurr and he backed off, removing himself from inside her with a noise that was honestly pretty silly and gross-sounding.

        She knew that this was the point in the night her shit usually went back to solid. And that meant constipation and more pain. She didn't want Spurr to stop (ever <3) but if he kept dicking her like that while she was constipated it was going to hurt like a bitch.

        "Was I doing something wrong?"

        "No," Celeste sighed. "You were good. You were very, very good." She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the cheek. "My tummy just hurts a little is all." Spurr put one hand forward and attempted to massage her abdomen. Celeste smiled at him. Spurr acted like a jokester all the time but really he was a big sweetheart. 

        "Hey," she whispered. "Spurr."

        "Mm?" She wrapped her arms around him and he did the same. 

        "Can I tell you a secret?"

        "Okay." She moved his arms down so they were cupping the bottom of her ass.

        "Have I ever told you that I actually... kind of love pooping?" Spur felt something warm and wet begin to push down on his hand. Celeste was shitting on him. She was shitting on him a lot. A big, soft, goliath of a turd descended from her ass after a cute little prrt~! that was far too innocent to be proceeding the rope she was pushing out. In the end, the turd was about two feet in length. It coiled behind her in a lopsided soft-serve tower and steamed on the bathroom floor. But it never needed to be that big in the first place. Spurr came the second it touched his hand. Despite everything, despite her gas, and her ass, and her shit all over the room, it was her voice that had pushed him to the limit. The way she said "kind of love to poop~" was perfect.

    He felt two big warning surges in his groin and then splat! Splat! SPLAT! Strings of his jizz launched across the room, most of it streaming across Celeste's legs and the rest of it dotting the wall and carpet. Spurr fell back and let the ecstasy take him while cum continued to pump out of him and drizzle onto the floor. Celeste looked down at him with a huge grin of victorious satisfaction. She had done it. She'd made him ejaculate. 

        Celeste surveyed the room. Her shit puddled in the cracks of the tiles next to the throw rug and covered the toilet in random splotches. There were dots of brown on the mirror and all of their clothing. Spurr sat in a lump on the ground, flushed, red, and entirely spent. She brushed herself off, as if the dust on her shirt was the worst of her mess.

        "Would you please hand me my underwear, assistant?" Spurr did, vigor drained and bones creaking. Celeste awkwardly slipped on her underwear, already somewhat shitstained, and pressed them up tight against her ass as they absorbed all the poop still caking her buttcheeks. She hadn't even thought of wiping. She turned away from Spurr and bent forward slightly, pushing her cute little ass towards his face.

     Aevin 1-3 Fart by PepperspotSunshine


        A long, wet turd shot out of her like a bullet train and curled around in the dip of her underwear into the shape of a "J". She moaned happily as another handful of farts and splats filled up her panties with a bulge of her shit. She sighed, removed her underwear, and threw it on Spurr's lap.

        "Here! You can keep that. Consider it a gift." She winked. "Oh. And assistant? Clean up this mess. We'll need the room ready for next week's movie night." Then she turned and walked into the hallway. 

        After a moment Celeste peaked her head out from around the corner. Then a small, genuine:

        "...Love you."

        "Love you too." He leaned forward as she exited. "Celeste?"

        "Yeah huh?"

        "Next time, I'm gonna make you cum first." She blushed and turned away quickly so he couldn't see her smile. She'd never been so excited for next week's movie night in her life.

End Part 1        

Witches of Aevingrove (1-3) | B-Movie
Celeste watches a movie with Spurr. Turns out it's really shitty.

The finale of the first story in Aevingrove! This is the last time we'll be seeing Spurr and Celeste for a long while, so I hope you guys were satisfied with the end of this one! Any critique is very much appreciated! If you're into scat or pantypoop be sure to check out the alternate version of the above artwork that is TOO HOT FOR DEVIANTART by clicking here: pepperspotsunshinefarts.tumblr…

This is the last part of a 3-part story.

Read the first part here:  Witches of Aevingrove (1-1) | Library
WARNING: This story is NSFW and contains fart fetish content. If you are uncomfortable with this content then this story probably isn't for you.
    This world was a world of magic, and for talented young witches and wizards there was no place better to hone one's magical skill than in Aevingrove, a small coven of witches hidden away deep in the Aevinwood Forest. Here the magically gifted came from far and wide to hone their craft in the ancient, wooden halls of the best arcane  academy in the land. Between the hundreds of  instructors, young students, and those living in the nearby town, there were thousands of stories to be told. This is just one of the small moments in the lives of the Witches of Aevingrove.
    On the edge of the Aevinwood Academy grounds in the shadow of the school's tallest tower sat the library, an archive of hundreds of years' worth of magical secrets and spells. The library building was carved into the

Read the second part here:  Witches of Aevingrove (1-2) | Fabric Softener
WARNING: This story contains copious amounts of FART FETISH material and SCAT. If any of that bothers you then this story probably isn't for you. For those who are into farting, but not scat, I will mark the part of the story where scat begins with a "//" so you can read up until that point.

        Of course, the nights went on and Spurr didn’t forget about it. Celeste could hear the nightly beating sounds of his masturbating from the hallway and she felt disgusted with herself. Her sphincter contracted every time she thought about him, like some unwanted, invisible object was going to try and weasel its way in. She wanted to talk to him about it, but she figured that would be too awkward. She thought talking might make things worse.
        Worse? How could it be worse? What could we worse than what they had already done? She raised her hand to knock on the door, paused a moment, lowered it

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WARNING: This story contains copious amounts of FART FETISH material and SCAT. If any of that bothers you then this story probably isn't for you. For those who are into farting, but not scat, I will mark the part of the story where scat begins with a "//" so you can read up until that point.


        Of course, the nights went on and Spurr didn’t forget about it. Celeste could hear the nightly beating sounds of his masturbating from the hallway and she felt disgusted with herself. Her sphincter contracted every time she thought about him, like some unwanted, invisible object was going to try and weasel its way in. She wanted to talk to him about it, but she figured that would be too awkward. She thought talking might make things worse.

        Worse? How could it be worse? What could we worse than what they had already done? She raised her hand to knock on the door, paused a moment, lowered it, and walked away again.

        After a week it seemed Spurr thought things had blown over and was acting like nothing had happened at all. He spent his time tending the bookshelves and feeding their owl. His conversations with Celeste were short and superfluous, but his “How are you?”s and “What's on the agenda today?”s were still more than Celeste could muster. She spent a lot of time in her room. She farted a lot less than normal. Not that she didn’t have to. She was still gassy as ever, but somehow holding it in made her feel like she was repressing her libido.

        After awhile she began to reciprocate Spurr’s pleasantries and things started to seem like they were normal again. Of course, they weren’t. Celeste still felt the issue was unresolved. You couldn’t just let a night like that peter out. That’s not how these things worked. Celeste wanted closure.

        Celeste kind of wanted to fuck him.

        She slammed her head against the wall. “Holy shit, what is wrong with me?” she said aloud, repeatedly banging her head against the third and fourth volumes of “The Aevinwood Bestiary.”

        “Did something fall?” Spurr called from the other room.

        No,” Celeste responded, more growl in her voice than she intended. Spurr muttered an apologetic “okay” and went about his business. She immediately regretted it. It was hardly Spurr’s fault that she was a weird, gross, pedophilic harlot. Alright, maybe “harlot” is a little strong.

        No, maybe it’s not a little strong! She had called Spurr into her room with the express intention of sitting on his face, farting, and ogling his massive dick. It was hardly her fault that he attempted to bump it up to oral after she had literally stripped in front of him.

        She needed some time to think about this. Maybe a night out would help. Maybe a night out with a lot of alcohol. She would need someone to talk to. A few of her close friends from her graduating class were still in town for work. Velvet? Good lord, no. She was just as reserved as Celeste was when it came to flirting. Hell, she'd probably never even SEEN a penis. Nellie was never any help with this kind of thing. ...Minuette? Yes, Minuette would do just fine. Heck, she’s probably done something similar once or twice. Maybe even worse! Minuette was the kind of person who did worse-than-average things and then talked about them like they were blasé, and banal, and other pretentious words that started with the letter “b”.

        Most importantly, if Minuette wasn't interested Celeste knew she wouldn't go around blabbing about her evening with Spurr to everyone on the quad. Celeste had some dirt on Minuette that would work as fine insurance and/or mutually assured destruction, if it came to that.

        Celeste gave Minuette a call and she said she’d love to go out tonight daaaaaarling, before frittering about some of the dresses she had been working on. Celeste mm-hm’d in time with her upward inflections and mentally planned out the best way to bring this up to her friend. If she got lucky, Minuette would come up with something even worse that she’d done, and then Celeste wouldn’t feel bad about it at all anymore! The prospect was starting to cheer her up. She even managed to give Spurr a pleasant goodbye on her way out the door that evening after she told him to dust the main library. Tonight was going to be great!



         Tonight had been something.

        It had taken most of the night for Celeste to bring up her little interaction with her assistant, and Minuette could hardly believe it. She wasn’t amazed at what had happened, per say, but that it had been Celeste of all people that had done it. The rest of the night consisted of Minuette poking fun at Celeste in-between guzzling red wine (Minuette would drink nothing else). She had had quite a few glasses and was as toasted as toast.

        Celeste was pretty wasted too, so that was the best simile she could come up with.

        Near the end of the night, Minuette had decided that farting was not only suddenly appropriate, but warranted as it was the subject matter of the evening. This being so, Minuette developed a pattern of freely and openly farting, laughing, asking Celeste if that was anything like her night with Spurr and how he would’ve reacted, and then laughing again.

        Pffft... fffmmmm... prmmmp!

        Their booth at the restaurant slowly gained a sort of funk to it, though it's likely their water didn't notice. Despite their number and her enthusiasm Minuette's farts were especially muted for some reason and their smell was mostly masked by her perfume. After being generally gassy and bitchy for about an hour Minuette finally came up with some advice: Celeste needed to find someone to wean Spurr off of her farts. A new fetishistic idol to pine after. Celeste asked where in the world she would find such a person, and Minuette said she was happy to oblige.

        “Spurr already adores me!" she gushed, "After all, who doesn't?” Minuette always said things like that half-jokingly and Celeste could never tell how seriously they were meant to be taken. “What difference would it make if he had one more reason to love me? Even if that reason is... weird and gross.” Celeste silently noted to herself that Spurr didn't adore Minuette by any stretch of the imagination. ...At least as far as she knew. He had only hung out with Celeste and Minuette maybe once or twice. Still though, it might work. Minuette was what one might call "model attractive", which was appropriate given her job designing and enchanting clothing. She was tall with jet black hair, a dark, flawless complexion, and had black eyes as dark as onyx that seemed to sparkle behind her glasses. She often wore brightly colored, tasteful dresses like her current orange and red evening gown that perfectly fit her natural curves aside from the slit revealing most of her left leg. She was the kind of girl you'd see advertising a fancy night club on an art deco poster. It wasn't hard to imagine any man falling in love with her.

      Still, Celeste was uncertain.

        “You’d really do that?”

        “Of course I would~! I’m your friend!” She slurred, putting a hand on her shoulder. Celeste was fairly certain this was less about friendship and more about Minuette’s blood being 90 proof.

        "W-well don't go telling anyone about this, okay!" Celeste said, sounding much less confident than she wanted to. "If you mention anything about... Spurr and me then I'll tell people about..." She made a pointed gesture at Minuette's ass.

        "Dearie! Why, I'd never! Even without the threat of blackmail! ...Though, um, now that you mention that, I WILL need to cast a changing spell before we go in there."
        "Ew, right now?"

        "Oh, hush! I'm clean! I just meant that I should wear something a little more... flattering, if I'm going to have your assistant ogling me. You don't hear me judging you for your little fart adventure." Celeste sighed. She wasn't wrong. Celeste picked up the bill in exchange for her friend's services and they went on their way.


         They arrived at the library just before Spurr was about to go to bed. Celeste was nervous. Minuette seemed excited. That made Celeste even more nervous.

        “I’m home,” Celeste called, flipping on the light switch. Spurr had put the room to rest for the night.

        “Helloooo, Spuuuurr~!” Minuette announced her presence by walking into the room like an opera singer who had confused her regular cosmetics with horse tranquilizer. Spurr opened the door to ascertain that Minuette had entered the building. “Spurr, come down here for a moment!” Celeste cast Minuette a futile glance. Was she really just going to do all of this here and now? Whatever happened to subtlety?

        “Oh, hi Minuette!” Spurr said, never too tired for a pretty girl, “I didn’t know that you were coming over! I would’ve tidied the place up a bit.” Celeste raised an eyebrow. That suave little shit! He had been cleaning up all day, and now here he was trying to impress Minuette by pretending this is what the library looks like when it’s dirty. Celeste wished this was what the library looked like when it was dirty.

        “It’s fine, Spurr, I think it looks fabulous. So anyway! When I was out with Celeste the two of us were having a few drinks, and she told me the funniest story.” Minuette swung her arm around Celeste’s shoulders as if to ascertain the story’s nonexistent humor. “She tells me that you like smelling her farts!” Spurr was taken aback. He didn’t know what to make of this situation. On one hand, Minuette probably thought he was gross now and would never talk to him again. On the other hand, Celeste had mentioned the night in what seemed like at least a semi-positive light. his could go a few ways.

        “I just thought that was so funny!” Minuette continued, in between wine-fueled hiccup-laughs, “And I wanted to ask if it was true? Is it true, Spurr? Do you like smelling farts?”

        “Uh…” Spurr looked at Celeste for help. She avoided his eye contact. This was out of her hands now.

        “Because I have to fart right now, Spurr,” Minuette cooed, “And I was wondering if you wanted to smell it?” Spurr threw another glance at Celeste that seemed to say "Am I being punked right now?". She gave a non-committal shrug and he gave Minuette a cautious nod. “Ooh, good! I can barely hold it in any longer!” Minuette lifted the hem of her red dress and let out a massive, deep fart much louder than the ones she had been ripping at dinner.

        Minuette 3 by PepperspotSunshine


        Minuette sighed in a deep, over-the-top relieved way and brushed her hand back and forth in front of her face to ward away the smell even though it hadn’t had the chance to reach her yet. “That was wonderful” she cooed. “…Spurr, you won’t be able to smell it from there. Come here!”

        Spurr had been standing a few uncertain feet away. Minuette beckoned him in with a come-hither finger. “What’s the matter, Spurr? I thought you liked it when girls farted?” She almost sounded disappointed. Spurr, not wanting to let her down, rushed over and stood right next to her. Celeste could see the moment the smell hit his face before it reached her own. It was raunchy, to say the least. Heavy and thick with accents of some kind of cheese that Celeste couldn't usually afford.

        “Do you like that, Spurr?” Minuette asked.

        “Oh, um… yes? It was... really-“ Before Spurr could continue he was interrupted by a gigantic fart from Minuette’s back end that caused her dress to billow slightly.


        This one was even bigger than the last and Minuette immediately burst into laughter the moment it was finished.

        “Hahahaha! I’m sorry Spurr, I’m just so gassy! Ooh… that’s really stinky." She fanned in front of her face and wrinkled her nose. "Oh! I have more. Come here.” She got down on all fours and dragged Spurr along with her before arching her back and planting his face firmly in-between her butt-cheeks. Spurr already had a massive boner. Celeste noted that Minuette had coaxed it out of him much faster than she had, and that annoyed her for some reason. Minuette kept farting and giggling, flirting with Spurr all the way. Celeste stood by like a wallflower watching someone walk off with her prom date.

        “ppprrrPPPPPFTttt…. pppprrrrPPPPPPPTTTtttt….

        Even with Spurr’s face and Minuette’s dress muffling them, Minuette’s massive farts continued to trumpet out loud and proud. The room filled with her stink. “Ahh…” Minuette inhaled, proud of her work… Then she laughed that odd, fluctuating ha-ha-hu-HA-ha-ha~! laugh of hers that she did whenever she got excited. Celeste thought she might be enjoying this a little too much.

        “Oh, that was fun. Ooh, Spurr, back up, back up!” She pushed him away excitedly and-- to Spurr and Celeste’s mutual shock-- grabbed her dress by the slit and pulled it up past a pair of lacy black underwear which didn’t cover very much at all. A deep and rumbling ripper echoed out from Minuette’s butthole. It sounded as wet as a swimming pool and Spurr dove right in, planting his squat nose and soon-to-be-dirty blonde hair in-between her dark asscheeks. After another half dozen farts, Minuette leaned back and pushed Spurr to the floor so she was sitting on his face. She was being more careful with her farts now and they were smaller and more infrequent. Spurr’s excitement had simply grown and he was fully erect. The sweatpants he was wearing left about as much to the imagination as Minuette’s underwear did.

        “Ooh, you’re a big boy, aren’t you Spurry-wurry~?” Minuette said, pushing out a tiny fart that was trying to be as dry as possible. Celeste hated that she called him that. What a dumb name. Minuette put her hands down around Spurr’s crotch and leaned forwards and back, just enough to stimulate him. “Do you like that?” Spurr gave a muffled response. He was barely even present anymore. “Ooh, I think I feel another one coming!” Minuette let loose for a moment, panties be damned, and a massive, wet fart erupted from her ass. 


Celeste would’ve noticed a visible skid mark on Minuette’s underwear had Spurr’s face not been deeply wedged in them. //

        “Oh… I have to poo.” Minuette moaned. “Okay, Spurr, I think I’m done for now.” She stood up unceremoniously and readjusted her dress. Her hair was all over the place. Perhaps she had gotten a little too into the routine. Spurr groggily rose to a sitting position. He attempted to say something along the lines of “This has been fun, we should do it again sometime,” but instead it came out as something that sounded like “A-hurrr… a-durr hurr….”

        “Celeste, may I use your restroom?” Celeste found it amusing that Minuette felt the need to ask permission after fondling her asistant, but she nodded anyways in an attempt to get her out of the room. Minuette began to waddle up the stairs, but then stopped for a moment and turned. “Spurr?”


        “Do you like it when girls poop, too?” Spurr froze like a horny deer caught in the headlights.

        What. What? Minuette, what are you doing!? That was not part of the plan!

        “Because I have to poo… And I don’t know if I can make it up the stairs…” Another wet fart ripped out of her butt. ppPPRRRTT! Minuette shuffled her legs and clenched. Perhaps she had been a bit too inviting towards those farts earlier. She could barely get her butt to close now. "Oh, how embarrassing it would be if I had an accident right here~"

        “You are not going to the bathroom on my floor!” Yelled Celeste.

        “I’ll just do it in my underwear. It’s no big deal. I can always summon a new pair,” Minuette shrugged.

        “That’s not really the issue here!”

        “Celeste’s right,” Spurr added. Finally, she thought, someone was on her side today. “What if it leaks out? Here, I’ll grab some pages from today’s newspapers to put under you, just in case.” He and his boner dutifully hobbled off and Celeste stared daggers into the back of his head. She didn't know he was into girls shitting themselves too. In her years of poking fun at his fart fetish she had always assumed that was the worst of his kinks, but clearly she didn't know him as well as she thought she did.

        “How resourceful!~” Minuette bent down to compliment Spurr, causing her stomach to surge and gurgle. She shot back up again, tip-toe in her stiletto shoes, desperately clenching her cheeks together. “Ooh, hurry, I think it’s coming!”

        “Am I the only one here who realizes that you are pooping in my living room!?”

        “Oh lighten up, Celeste,” Minuette said, whooshing away her concerns with a condescending wave, “You don’t have to watch if you don’t want to! And I'm sure Spurr will clean it up for you!”

        “Got 'em!” Spurr returned, waving the papers in the air and laying them flat on the floor, eager to start the show.

        “Oh good,” Minuette smiled. She lifted a dainty leg and took a step onto the paper, and as she did her poo seized its opportunity and began to push itself out. “Ooh-hoo-hoo!” Minuette trilled, just as excited as Spurr, “It’s starting!”

        Two tiny farts squeaked their last and then died down, giving way to silence. All three were dead quiet, be it from shock or anticipation. Slowly but surely a mound began to appear in Minuette’s underwear where the skidmark had been before. Minuette began to softly groan. This was going to be a little bigger than she had anticipated. Spurr stood about a foot behind her adjusting the newspapers like a baseball catcher, readying himself and the bat that he was smuggling in his pants.

        “Ooh~,” Minuette moaned. Her underwear continued to expand outward to the noise of small hisses and pops. The thin stretch of black fabric was quickly pushed to its limits and the smell of shit erupted out from under Minuette’s silky red gown, hanging around her like a fog. Her farts from before were by no means mild, but this blew them out of the water. The curvy, dainty girl smelled like an elephant. Celeste wrinkled her nose along with her brow. She didn’t know what was worse, that Minuette was doing this or that she was letting her do this.

        “Ooh... A big girl like me, messing her undies in public... How naughty~! It's bigger than I was expecting it to be...” Minuette put her hand to her mouth in a coy display of pseudo-embarrassment. “And so much stinkier~!”

        “That’s okay…” Spurr droned. He shuffled a few inches closer. He wasn't expecting anything like this to happen when he came downstairs, but holy shit was it happening. He dared not get any closer. The sides of Minuette’s underwear didn’t look like they could hold much more.

        “Spurr!” she cried in ecstasy, “I don’t think I can hold it anymore! It’s going to fall!” With a great big groan, she lift the back of her skirt with one hand, began lightly fondling herself with the other, and like a mudslide poop began to dive over the sides of her now completely soiled underwear, landing with a series of splat!s on Celeste’s floor. "Oooh... I'm such a bad little baby..." 

        Celeste looked at her friend's expression. Ooooh my god she's into this. She's into this! WHY IS EVERYBODY INTO THIS!? she silently shouted. Minuette has done this before, and goddamn it she’s so much better than me! She didn’t have time to reflect on how gross and terrible the skill Minuette was exerting was because something even worse happened next.

        “Looks like I’m just about done, Spurry~” Minuette sighed. Spurr was as erect as a statue, which Celeste would’ve found a lot hotter if Minuette wasn’t standing two feet away from him with an ass caked in shit, continuously crapping onto her floor. Plop, plop, squelch.

        “Ooh, look how big my undies are, spurr! Ooooh..." She ran her hand across the hulking bulge of shit, her immaculate sunset-colored nails seeming totally out of place against the poop. "We’re lucky most of it didn’t land on the ground~”

        “Yup,” Spurr did his best to respond. He was in that stage of near-climax arousal where your whole body flushes red and is covered by a thin veneer of sweat.

        And then Minuette took two of her refined, manicured fingers and pressed them into the thickest part of her panties, causing all the shit inside to explode out onto her ass and fall on the floor.

        Minuette giggled and in a moment of childish, “ha-ha-hu-HA-ha-ha~!” ecstasy she pulled the brown remains of her underwear down, exposing her brownie-caked butt, bent over, and let out two final trumpeting, shit-flinging farts right onto Spurrs face.


        “Oops~” she said.

        Spurr ejaculated right into his pants.

        Minuette laughed. “Oh my~ You really do like this, don’t you? We're both naughty! We should do this again sometime” Celeste's lips silently mouthed a "fuck no." Minuette giggled. “This was fun! Here,” she said, wiggling out of her ruined underwear and using her heel to nudge it over to Spurr’s shining lap. “You can keep these. Consider it a gift!

        Spurr said nothing.

        “Celeste, dear, do you mind if I freshen up in your bathroom? I don’t mind walking home commando, but if anyone were to see my looking so dirty, I would just die.”

        Celeste said nothing.

        “Thanks, dearest. Oh! And Spurr. She bent down towards the defeated boy in his wet pajamas. “Thank you, too.” She pecked him on the cheek, giggled, and trotted up the stairs. “Goodnight~!”

        “Night.” Spurr said, the word falling ungracefully out of his stupefied mouth. After a moment, he hazily leaned over to grab Minuette’s gift. Celeste chucked a book at his head and told him that if she ever saw that cursed thing again he would be living outside for the rest of the year.


Witches of Aevingrove (1-2) | Fabric Softener
Celeste, the librarian witch, tries to figure out a way to smooth things over after a night with her assistant gets frisky. She enlists the help of her friend Minuette. Things get weird.

This is the second of three parts. Originally I was going to make it 2 parts, but this combined with the last third was literally too big for DeviantArt to handle, haha oops.

This is the second installment in a three-part story.
Read the first part here: Witches of Aevingrove (1-1) | Library
WARNING: This story is NSFW and contains fart fetish content. If you are uncomfortable with this content then this story probably isn't for you.
    This world was a world of magic, and for talented young witches and wizards there was no place better to hone one's magical skill than in Aevingrove, a small coven of witches hidden away deep in the Aevinwood Forest. Here the magically gifted came from far and wide to hone their craft in the ancient, wooden halls of the best arcane  academy in the land. Between the hundreds of  instructors, young students, and those living in the nearby town, there were thousands of stories to be told. This is just one of the small moments in the lives of the Witches of Aevingrove.
    On the edge of the Aevinwood Academy grounds in the shadow of the school's tallest tower sat the library, an archive of hundreds of years' worth of magical secrets and spells. The library building was carved into the

Read the third part here:  Witches of Aevingrove (1-3) | B-Movie
WARNING: This story contains copious amounts of FART FETISH material and SCAT. If any of that bothers you then this story probably isn't for you. For those who are into farting, but not scat, I will mark the part of the story where scat begins with a "//" so you can read up until that point.
 < -- Read the Previous Chapter Here
        In the days after Minuette's little show in her living room Celeste felt even worse than before. She made sure Spurr wouldn't be seeing that accursed underwear again. She had burned it herself with a fireball spell out back. What made her feel worst of all was Spurr's reaction to the whole thing. Before the incident with Minuette he seemed to be readjusting to Celeste's presence again. Now he was having a hard time even striking up a conversation. They were like two satellites awkwardly dancing a

More art of Minuette can be found on my tumblr here, including a naked farting variant and a diapered variant: pepperspotsunshinefarts.tumblr…
Farting Eeveelutions - Sylveon [Normal Version]
A cute girl based off of a humanized Sylveon farting in her tutu!

Theme project. I'm (slowly) doing a set of girls, one inspired by each eeveelution, doing different aspects of this fetish. I've been meaning to draw some diaper fetishism forever now. I've gotten embarrassingly into it lately. I think this piece came out pretty well though!

This girl is VERY much a personal favorite type for me. Cute, poofy, pastel colors, gassy, dopey, big poofy 80s hair.

This image has a LARGE set of pantypooping, diaper, farting, scat, and messing variations that you can see here: pepperspotsunshinefarts.tumblr…

Leafeon/Glaceon - 

Mature Content

Farting Eeveelutions - Leafeon and Glaceon by PepperspotSunshine

Flareon - 

Mature Content

Farting Eeveelutions - Flareon by PepperspotSunshine


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